Monday, November 14, 2011

11/14/11 - Freakin' Out, A Little

OK. Just hit the send button on my first submission to a writing contest. "The Blue Lady" has now been sent to Writer's Digest. I cannot even begin to describe the emotions raging through my body.

My emotions are SO all over the place that a part of me feels as though I am going insane. I spent the weekend practically comatose depressed, only to put in a requisite 13-hour workday today, followed by making my 1st submission to a writing contest. My alarm will go off in 4 hours telling me I need to get up and do it all over again.

Yep, definitely insane. But I did it. I entered my 1st writing contest. My next step will be to select my next contest for a December entry. It doesn't matter whether I win, place, draw or lose. The momentum is in the submission.

God, I want this. Can't help but feel that I need an education in writing though. My story was good. That's never a problem. I just have no idea whether or not my presentation of it was any good. If grammar counts, I'm screwed. I write purposefully with incomplete sentences, and overall the grammar is probably horrific but the truth is I have no idea how to correct it if asked to do so. Time will tell.

Where the heck would I carve the time out for courses? How would I pay for it? Oddly enough, I'm not worried. This is bigger than me. It's in God's hands and there is peace in that. When fear isn't gripping my throat and threatening to shut off my oxygen with my eyes rolling back in my head. Did I mention that my emotions vacillate to insanity?

This blog continues to hold me accountable and keeps me from letting too many days slip by without making progress toward my goals. I remain forever grateful for the outlet.

Reminder of goals:
1) to live mobile - have a mobile income, 2) to write, and 3) to be a public speaker.

11/14/11 - I didn't buy a cardinal Christmas plate that I saw at WalMart tonight. My favorite bird depicted beautifully in a scene for Christmas, my favorite holiday. Found myself wishing it were available in melamine but since it wasn't, I cheerfully passed it by. :)


  1. Hello,

    Found you via your comment on Glenn's "To Simplify" blog. It's so cool that you want to be a writer. I write all the time but don't think I'd ever enter a contest... very brave!

    I'll check back through your blog when I get a minute. Keep on keeping on... you can do this!


    PS Would love to chat sometime about mobile income ideas. Let me know if you're interested.

  2. Maria - thank you so much for your kind words. Thanks too for reading my blog. That means a lot to me and it's always a thrill to log on and see new readers and comments. Brave may not be the word (LOL), but I am certainly determined. I have committed to entering a contest each month for two years. As I said in my blog, win/lose/draw, it doesn't matter. My goal is to sustain momentum. You too, keep on writing. Don't have much to offer on mobile income yet, but keep checking back. Take care and thanks again!

  3. LR :) wish I could write.

  4. @LR - you CAN write. You used to write a lot, and that means you enjoy it. Just don't give up!