Sunday, November 6, 2011

11/6/11-Dreams, Schemes and Automobiles

Okay, I have no idea what the word "automobiles" is doing in my title, or what it has to do with my blog today. Dreams and Schemes? I get that, but automobiles? Who knows! Maybe it represents my heart. I wish I were already in a camp somewhere, sitting in my RV, writing. Yet it's been two weeks since my last entry. So I have to ask myself, "What's up with that?!?"

I didn't stalemate; I just stalled. Work consumed me. I know it sounds like an excuse, but it really did. It's been a horrible environment at the office lately AND I worked a minimum of 12 hours every day, 12 days straight. I felt like I was in a 12"x12" box. Horrible. I have to find a way to live my dream. So I'm more determined than ever to find a way to stay true to my personal goals while keeping a roof over my head.  And I will.  That's what this blog is about - capturing my commitment to the journey. I WILL do better.

I have to give myself small pats on the back tho. I did move forward - ever so slightly, but the baby steps were there. One thing is that I ordered cards. It might not sound like much but it was a huge step toward my commitment of a mobile income. The cards state that I am a "writer, scrapper, photo artist and speaker." Not bad. They're pretty too. I'm proud.

I also created disposable email addresses and started popping and forwarding old email accounts. All movement toward streamlining and culling so that my personal operations flow more smoothly. Time management is going to be key in pulling all of this off and being organized is part of that.

I also did VERY well on the things I didn't do. (Wouldn't it be great if life were always that simple? If we could get credit for things we didn't do?  I'd be set! Ha! ) But what I didn't do - sometimes daily, really did move me toward my goal. I didn't buy anything that didn't fit into my RV mobile income lifestyle. Normally, while at the store I'm prone to pick up a few "convenience" items. I didn't do that. Not once. It was fun passing the stuff up. I wasn't even tempted. Each time I passed on a purchase it bolstered my confidence that I am moving forward. It may be baby steps, but it's something. I'm getting there.

I also told more people about my plans and about this blog, including my family. That wasn't easy. In fact, it probably hurt my Mother because it closes the door on her moving in with me. Granted, you would think the 3-1/2 hour family meeting that we had would have closed that door. Absolutely no one at that meeting, including her pastor, thought it was a good idea for her to live with me. Still, I think the RV project surprised her. She handled it well enough though. So far. I was grateful for the support of my sisters. (see FB posts and pics for 11/5 - a great day).

BTW, when I say "no one" thought it was a good idea that Mother live with me. I mean no one. Couldn't help but wonder how that reflects on the fact that no one has been able to live with me to date. Hence the single status. I love my babies though. All three snuggled against me even as I type. I could insert many, many quotes here about the loving, forgiving nature of animals but will spare you. I will also spare you my diatribe on why I think I'm alone. But mostly, I'm happy being alone. Maybe that says more, in volumes, than anything else.

No matter, let me get back on track - I will not go to bed today until I have a polished draft of "The Blue Lady" for the competition I selected: Submission is due by the 15th. When I selected this competition that deadline seemed so far away!

From now on I will use this blog to better hold me accountable for my progress. From now on, at the end of each entry, I will list the steps taken on a daily basis that have moved me closer to my goals. And remember, my goals are 1) to live mobile - have a mobile income, 2) to write, and 3) to be a public speaker. I can do this. I got this. Just God, please take care of the issues at work. Leave me energy left over for the things I really want and the visions You have given me. Amen.

I will put the list of action and non-action items at the end of each blog so you can skip them. It is more of a tracking mechanism for me than anything else. Please feel free however to leave me comments and keep me straight. If you see me blowing smoke, call me on my BS. It would be nice to have some virtual travelers with me on this journey.

Must work on "The Blue Lady" now. TTFN. Thanks for reading my blog. As always, if you want a copy of what I've written, I'd love to get your feedback. Love you guys!


  1. Love "The Blue Lady". Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your future!

  2. Love your "baby-steps".Courage et go go go. Patrick

  3. LR - thanks for taking the time to read "The Blue Lady." I really appreciate your feedback. Love that you picked up on the twilight zone innuendo. HugZ!

  4. Patrick - thanks so much for the encouraging words. Much, much needed today and it's always a thrill to log on and see new readers. Welcome!

  5. Thank you, that was just an awesome post!!!