Wednesday, November 9, 2011

11/9/11 - Insane and Beyond, and Back Again :)

11/9/11 - OK, I considered it. Thought about biting the bullet when my roommate moves out next month and financing an RV. Did a projected budget, the whole bit. Was even stupid enough to share that newsflash with Glenn, my muse - a poor guy I met through the internet, on a blog, from a Yahoo scrolling newsfeed! I could be some psycho for all he knows. How embarrassing. And to my friends and family that now have your hand up, waiving your arm frantically, just dying to say something, put it back down - you do NOT get to insert something here. LOL.

I will do this. One day I will have a mobile lifestyle and live in an RV, but for now I am sticking to my game plan. I guess that's how I moved forward today because work consumption occurred again and I didn't get much else done. Oh, I did offer my wonderful roommate a reduced rate - trying to entice him to stay.  Stability is what I need right now. That will help me move forward a lot. Plus I adore him. He'll let me know next week after he talks to his friend. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

As for work, it was really getting to me today and a friend posted this on FB. I know she posted it on the world wide web, right at that moment, just for me. ;)
Nuf said.

11/8/11 - I took a 25 minute spa shower tonight. I don't do that very often but man, it felt good. I just kept cranking up the hot water and my poor pint size water heater was not happy with me! Hissing, gurgling, making awful noises; it told me about it too. Halfway through my shower I realized I'm probably not going to have that luxury in an RV. I think I may have actually found something I'm going to miss. Ha! Also, note to self: ask for Dad's red tea kettle. Needs to be with me on the road representing for Dad, plus I'll need it for steamy facials. Hey, a girl's still gotta be a girl! :-)

What I did today in moving forward - On the way home I drove through the Texan RV Ranch. It's not much but after working a 12-hour day, it was something. Most of the trailers were 5th wheels or pull behinds. Very few motorhomes - interesting. It was such a nice environment. I kept thinking as I made the loops, "I can do this," followed by "Wow, I've got a lot to learn." There was a couple hitching up their 5th wheel. It seemed to be quite labor intensive. A motorhome is much more practical for me, and safer. If I want to head out in the middle of the night, I'll be able to do so without having to do all that labor, outside.

Before going to bed I also read a couple of blogs and researched a couple of RV sites. Oh yeah, and edited "The Blue Lady." She's almost ready for submission. (that just doesn't sound quite right, does it? grin)

What I DIDN'T do today in moving forward - I didn't buy the annual Bob Bullock Texas Capitol Christmas Ornament (x2). I have them all - from the very 1st one made - a tradition started with my ex-husband, but they won't fit in my RV so..... Ciao baby! :) Will soon sell the others on eBay.


  1. Omg that's the funniest quote ever! I want a t-shirt :)

  2. Maria - trick is to make the shortest leg of the journey the "back again" segment. ;) I like the t-shirt idea! :)

  3. Don't try to take in to much all at once on the types of RVs....I have experimented with truck camper/pull behind/monster 42' 5th wheel/small and large motorhome, and learned ONE thing:they are ALL work!You will make the right decision on which type RV works for you! John

  4. @John-I hope you're right. I certainly don't mind making mistakes and regrouping but would prefer to not make costly ones. LOL. Am enjoying this journey of research and planning. Thanks again for the insight.