Saturday, December 10, 2011

12/10/11 - Attitude of Gratitude

After reading the wonderful comments from some of my readers, I started feeling better this afternoon, physically and mentally. I actually made it into my craft room and began some work by about 5:30 or so.

I know that we are to be happy from within, whole through Christ and dependent on nothing, but I 'gotta tell ya', support helps. It amazes me that the support I get these days comes mainly from people in other cities - people I once lived nearby, and people I haven't even met yet.

So I 'gotta' say, "God always gives me what I need and for now it is thee." OK. I know. Way over the top. Sorry I couldn't help it. It was in my head and just cracking me up. It made me laugh out loud and snort, even as it probably made you gag and puke. My apologies, but it felt good to laugh. Even at your expense.

Which got me to thinking. I have so much to be thankful for (thank you for the reminder BlackSheep), and am building toward a future that I really, really want (thank you for the reminder JB) so why have I been so down? Well, let me count the ways (man, I'm on a roll tonight)...

I've been sick, I am missing Dad, I'm financially strapped (an understatement), Work has been overwhelming and chaotic, It appears that same j.o.b. is now in jeopardy, I seem to have lost someone that I thought was going to be a good friend, I was recently blasted and humiliated for something I didn't do or deserve, I'm on this amazing exponential curve of change and transformation (thank you Maria for traveling with me), I'm stuck in a city I can't stand, I'm alone and childless, and it's the Holidays. None of which I would have ever scripted for myself, but there it is. In black and white. No getting around it.

So, I'll plow through. Like I said in my very 1st blog, "I'm going to work it all out here. And lucky you. You chose to follow it." (Thanks again by the way.)

The good news is I'm on track to complete MI2 by my self-imposed deadline of tomorrow midnight.  All scrap room boxes are now unpacked and "mostly" organized. I should be able to make the "MI2 Complete" announcement sometime tomorrow.

Here is a partial picture of the embellishment and paper wall in my room. 98% done. Woohoo! And wasn't Miss Hope ever so helpful? :)

I am so grateful for the new goals I have in my life. I love writing and I also love being creative with photos and scrapping. I have been in this place of residence for almost 2 years now and still had not finished unpacking my tools and supplies. Until now, I could not bring myself to do it, and for the life of me I could not figure out why. And today it dawned on me. The inventory in the boxes was tied to a past of which I am trying to let go. The inventory I unpacked will help me move forward to my desired future. Duh. Don't tell my subconscious they're one in the same though. It might mess things up again.

BTW, for my business, where will I keep the requisite embellishments and paper in an RV?  Not to mention the supplies on the other wall, not pictured. That includes all of my tools, machines, paints, inks, etc. I guess I could go ALL digital, but my specialty is photo artistry AND scrappy gifts. Digital just isn't the same for displaying photos; plus I lose half of my marketable business - home decor, picture frames, stationery and cards, etc. I want to do both - digital and scrappy.

It's a conundrum, but I don't have to figure it out right now. No doubt, a bunch of my friends will read this and remind me that "Figure It Out" has never been a good slogan anyway, grin. I am curious though. Any ideas about storage from any of my workampers, boondockers or otherwise fulltime RVers? (I love the jargon of my new found world!)

And yes, I get the irony that I'm unpacking and organizing a whole bunch of stuff, and a whole bunch of little bitty stuff at that, when my goal is supposed to be to lighten the load. Actually, I envision me getting rid of everything else but this stuff, especially if it is to be part of my mobile income. Time will tell. But until then, I really would appreciate some expert opinions on feasibility.

Well, Goodnight and God Bless. And as corny as it sounds, I am Grateful for Gratitude.


  1. Well, this looks like another one of those posts I need to leave alone, rather than try to give you an answer and make you feel better.....what to do with all the stuff in an RV.....ya, well...uhhhh.....hmmmmm.....its going to depend on the RV you end up with! And the size!! Yes, size DOES matter!! thing to keep in mind, most RVs have exterior storage bays, so you find one with plenty. Most RVs have SOME interior storage, but not a lot, and nothing really could shop for a Class C motorhome, AND get a nice sized cargo trailer to keep all the artist stuff in....or instead of a Class C you could go with a nice used Chevy van like my friend Charlene, modify it to sleep in/work in at a computer desk, plus have the cargo trailer for storage....lots of different, workable possibilities! Personally, I culled down to the bare essentials, as you know.

  2. @BlackSheep - While it is probably not much fun at all to read, there is something very cathartic about getting that which lies within me out, on paper. That little jewel of a tool has been known to be true for a very long time, but I am just now really putting it to practice. There is also something about hitting the "publish" icon that keeps me on the straight and narrow, honest. All of that, and knowing that someone is listening/reading, helped me feel better. Your contribution was perfect. Thank you.

    As for the storage - great information! And yes, I've always known size matters. Learning to go small isn't easy. LOL. I have a file that I keep with all the information I will need to make a purchase one day. It's thrilling just to know there are workable possibilities!

    I agree about culling to the bare essentials. My goal is to make my house look barren! The sooner the better, but until I know what I will need for my mobile income, this "stuff" has to stay. It will be really interesting to see what ends up with me on the road.

    It's a beautiful day here. I hope it is there too. HugZ, D

  3. Hey!

    On support, doesn't it say somewhere in the Bible about "two or more gathered..."? That wasn't just about God. That was an acknowledgement that no man is an island. We crave community and support and we need it to thrive.

    As far as the scrapping, what I see you doing is specializing. Unpacking is your first (very big) step to deciding what form of this interesting business most calls you and as you concentrate on that more the rest will simply fade away. You'll see :)