Saturday, December 3, 2011

12/2/11 - I'm Back!

OMG! I hate being sick!

I barely made it home from my trip. As I drove, I thought it might have something to do with my leaving in the middle of the night after a long, exciting day, OR, maybe I thought... it might just be that normal let down I get after a great trip or exciting event. Either way, I struggled immensely on the drive home.

By the time I got home, I didn't even finish unpacking the car. I was chilled to the bone. I greeted my animules, put on my flannel pj's (yes, sexy I know) and crawled under my electric blanket and turned it on high. In Texas. With temps probably no lower than 40. What the heck!?!

Answer came soon enough. I woke up mid-morning with 102 temp. 101-103 was to remain the norm for the next few days. Diagnosis? The flu AND a sinus infection. FYI, I had a flu shot in October. Doc said several different vaccine lots were sold this year, and there are a couple of unexpected flu strains. Nice.

Anyhoo, I began feeling a bit human on Thursday. It was hard to believe that just the Thursday before I had been enjoying a great Thanksgiving dinner and a long weekend vacation!

And being sick wasn't the worst of it. Since I work for a non-profit, I don't have benefits. Scary. I now had the extra doctor expense plus missed days from work. I'm grateful to say that this year I had two Thursday Thanksgivings! On 11/24, the traditional meal at my friend's house and this week on 12/1, a surprise blessing from work. I'm getting paid for the sick days! Totally makes the 70 hour work weeks worth it. Woohoo!

I wanted to celebrate so I decided to move from the bed to the couch for a few hours - 1st time in days. Still not feeling energetic enough to be creative, I decided to tackle the issue of my iPod. A good friend gave it to me last year when her son upgraded to the latest, greatest. Yea for me! Thank you again Marty and Drew.

Only problem was that I haven't been able to sync it to my music or download new songs, etc. It wouldn't recognize me, only the previous owner. While in Austin, Carolyn gave me a tip on some possible links and fixes. It took me several hours with a long nap in between, but Voila! I have music!

I know how crazy that sounds, but this is HUGE! It's been almost two years since my divorce and I am finally enjoying MY music again. It's been more than 5 years since I've heard some of these songs. Slowly but surely I feel like I'm getting bits and pieces of my life put back together. All part of culling & organizing for a mobile life. I don't need no stinking CD's!  LOL. I went to sleep with my entire playlist on repeat, all genres. Heaven.

I got up this morning, kept the music going and have been listening to it all day. It truly is the little things in life, ya know?

Still not having much energy I had to choose another sedentary project. I decided to tackle my Christmas gifts to family this year. So, if you're family and you're reading this, and you want to be surprised... Stop reading now! ;)

I'm going to make photo tribute albums to Dad. I've already Photoshopped and tweaked the 60 photos I'm going to use. I just need to make the actual albums. I thought about making digital books through Shutterfly or Costco, but that was cost prohibitive and none of the designs would customize to suit me. So, as part of my developing a mobile income, I signed up for a $15 online course to learn how to make my own albums with my Zutter bind-it-all machine. This is going to consume me between now and Christmas, but I'm so happy to have finally found a way to get this done - for Dad, for my family, and me.

It's going to be such fun! Plus, my December contest entry is already written so I don't have to worry about that. How blessed am I?

Paid sick leave, my music on an iPod, and a way to make photo albums for Christmas gifts as a tribute to Dad. Pretty nice silver linings after 5 days of comatose sleeping through an illness.

I'm back! :) 



  1. Sounds like everything came together... woo hoo!

    FYI I never get flu shots and I never get the flu either. I think they actually hurt more than they help.

    Cool on the Christmas ideas! I need to get serious about my own Christmas shopping soon too.

    And love the music! I transferred all mine from my I-pod to computer a couple years back and now I have it on a usb stick for my car. Haven't listened to radio in a long time... I love it :)

    Oh and put Glenn's music on your I-pod too. I like listening to it in my car.

  2. Poor thing!! Get better soon, have some chicken noodle soup broth--works for me!! I am safe and squared away on BLM lands about 5 miles north of Quartzsite.....still not that many RVs here yet, but there will be by Jan. 1......watched a beautiful sunrise over the Plumosa Mountains this morning, which gave way to a brilliant blue cloudless sky!!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. @Maria-always good to hear from you. I hear you about the flu shots girl. Ugh. I'm glad you like my Christmas ideas and another woot! on the music. A silly question - I like the songs Glenn has posted on his website... are those the ones you're referencing? I didn't see a "download" link. ?? You'll love this: I drive a '93 Buick. The only "stick" that car has is the gears. LOL.

  4. @Gatorep, John - I posted on your blog about the pic I tried to take this morning. Too funny! I bet that sunrise was gorgeous. Jan 1, hmmmmm, when does the RV show officially start? Lots of much needed rain here. Enjoy your blue skies! :)

  5. Yeah, when you get to the page you can listen to the songs on, just right click and save them to your computer. Then you can take them with you everywhere :)

    I just upgraded last summer to my first new car in 20+ years. I got the cheapest "cool car" I could get, a Kia Rio XS which came fully loaded (well, as loaded as possible for a cheap car) for right around $16k. I even blogged about it on my other website:

    Had I learned about all this cool RV living earlier I might have gone that route instead. Not sure how I feel about hitting the road though... it's intriguing for sure but... time will tell I guess.

  6. @Maria-thanks for all your great, fun tips! You have already been a huge help to me and I just know there will be collaboration soon. Am looking forward to checking out your other website. Wouldn't it be great if Kia made an RV? :)