Saturday, December 3, 2011

12/3/11 - Slow but Steady Progress

I didn't get much sleep last night but at least I accomplished my Mission Impossible 1 of 3! My goal was to get my room organized and cleaned, and to clear things out so I could move my laptop back to my desk. (I've been taking my laptop to the living room.)  Check!

MI2 will be to get the rest of my photography and scrapbook boxes unpacked and the equipment set up for use... by Sunday night at the very latest. Everything --my bedroom, my craft room, my office-- all in one room, organized and functional. I have to cull and streamline to live in an RV one day anyway, right? Might as well bite the bullet and get compact now.

MI3 will be to complete the tribute albums to Dad as Christmas Gifts. Yepsters. This Christmas. 2011. I can do this!

I've been waiting for this clarity and vision my whole life, wasting even a single moment just doesn't make sense to me. So, madness now (MI 1-3) and then in January I will enter a new writing contest for the month (TBD), and I will also make portfolio albums that display my photo/scrap work.

Ultimately the dream is to make a living from my writing, but until that is steadfastly in place I will need another source for my mobile income.

All of this is part of me getting my life back on track and moving toward my vision as originally outlined in 10/22/11 (2nd) - What A Difference A Day Makes):

-- My life will be mobile.
-- I will write.
-- I will be a public speaker.

I have decided I need to pay cash for the RV and have at least $1000/month in mobile income before I move into a tin can, as Tammy would say (grin).  Mind you, I have no idea how either one of those things can possibly occur since I'm starting over in life -- flat broke, again -- but as I've said before, I know it will happen. I just don't know how or when.

To be honest, that's not my concern right now. My commitment is to keep moving forward. Doing what I can each day to get there. Helping the Universe help me, as it were. Very "Jerry Maguire-ish" of me, don't you think?

So this month, it's getting my room set up and cranking out the Christmas gifts. Then, as I said, I will make portfolio albums the next month that promote my craft as a business.

One album will be of before and after photos that showcase the enhancements, deletions, repairs, and embellishments I've made to photos. The other album will show various products I make that display the improved photos (albums, stands, embellished frames, greeting cards, household decor and other gifts). The 1st album will promote me as a "photo artist." The 2nd album will exalt my "scrappy gifts."

Basically I have started my own business. Or at least I'm gearing up to launch a business. Perhaps that's more accurate. I'm going to call it, "At Your Service."  Pretty catchy, right?

So, dear Readers -- MI 1 of 3 accomplished. Stay tuned for MI2 and 3.


culling, culling, culling
cleaning, cleaning, cleaning
organizing, organizing, organizing
cleaning, cleaning cleaning

Signed up for an online refresher course on how to make Zutter albums & gifts.

Created a task chart to keep me on track.

Purchased an online backup service for my computer so I don't have to waste valuable time doing it manually or spend time worrying that I might have missed something that would cause me to lose work or photos - that would be disastrous! (Plus, I crunched the numbers and the service is far more cost effective than the time it was taking me to do it, even incrementally.) After reading Backups in Glenn's blog, and doing additional research, I chose Carbonite. The initial backup is taking forever and I'm not too happy about that, but overall I liked their features, specs, flexibility and pricing the best. That's what worked for me - you may need something entirely different.

With the creation of my website, I also gained the ability to sync ALL of my calendars to my phone - another feature that is going to save me tons of time as I juggle my j.o.b. with writing and my new business.

All in all, I'd say it's been a great few days. :)


  1. Well I want to hear from you, so keep posting! Step by step, a little each day, and before long you will have weeded your way thru all that stuff you don't need!! And when you are able to live without it, you'll ask yourself WHY...WHY did I have all that stuff??!!?? The answer will be because you WANTED it!! Living the simpler life means you weigh want vs. NEED!!

  2. Just keep on keepin on! Glad you are feeling better. From the pic of Bentley looks like he is feeling better. Looks like his nosw is well now.

  3. @Gatorep - Thanks John! And I am already asking myself the big WHY. My niece has been trying to stress to her daughter the difference between want and need. So, in the store the other day the toddler just kept saying over and over, for everything, "But I NEED it!" Man she's starting young. LOL.

  4. @Anonymous - I don't have initials to go by but since you mention Bentley, I am assuming this is LR or LBS. Either way, thanks for the encouragement! Am definitely going to keep on keeping on and it makes it easier when I get support like this. The pic is deceiving but Ben's nose is better, finally sealed over but still raw. We have to wait and see whether it will remain soft tissue or if the black, coarse pigment grows back. At least it won't be an opening to the nose cavity. Am very grateful for that. HugZ!