Monday, January 2, 2012

01/02/12-Bones, Birds and Business

I have had great fun this weekend! I started to write that I had done nothing all weekend but "play" on the computer cultivating my new business, but that's not true.

I spent Friday night around a marvelous patio "campfire" after being fed a wonderful fresh catfish dinner by my nephew Robert and his wife, BJ. The dogs got to go with me and it couldn't have been better weather.

Then on Saturday I had a Sister Day Out with Sheree and Shirley. Granted, yesterday and today I've been glued to the computer, but I did manage to get some great walks in with the dogs, and I was able to get in some pretty decent bird watching. Not bad! Here are pics to give you a glimpse of my world these last 2 days.....

My niece asked me to take their Cape Cod pictures and make a gift for her daughter. Here is a compilation of a few of those pictures (8 pictures shown here, 4 pics per page). I'll put them into some sort of flip brag book this week (TBD) and deliver them next weekend. What do you think?

In addition to the walks, the doggies also got some great bones for Christmas and enjoyed chomping down on them throughout the weekend while Mommy worked. You can tell Miss Hope works hard too, right?

My desk looks out onto my backyard through a double window. I can see 5 of my feeders while working - a special treat for me. Here are a few pics I managed to get this weekend. Can't wait to see what views I'll have from my RV one day!


  1. I really like how you arrange all your pictures. Very cool stuff :)

  2. Ahhh, thanks Maria! Man, my j.o.b. sure does get in the way of my life. LOL. Haven't been creative in 2 days and am wilting. Oh, wait. That was the wicked witch. OK. Maybe not wilting, but definitely not having any fun either. Will post more pics soon. xo