Sunday, January 1, 2012

1/1/12 - 2012 Rocks!

Okay, I realize I may be a bit premature in declaring the entire year s a success, but I have had SUCH a productive day! What a blast! 

I repaired and edited antique heritage photographs for my 1st client today. How cool is that? My 1st client on the 1st day of the 1st year for my 1st mobile income business: All Things Photo.

I WILL be a RV full-timer one day. The sooner, the better. I'm on my way!

I also made 12x12 digital photos of the before and after pics for my business portfolio. I'm so thrilled.

Now I need to figure out how to add tabs to my blog so I can include one for my business: All Things Photo. Oh, that was a repeat wasn't it. My bad. Yeah, right. ;)

I love productivity and progress! Happy frolicking 2012!

Enjoy the pictures...



The original 1942 photo above was left in one of those old photo albums with the black paper. You know... the ones that used to have photo corners that we inserted the pictures into. The problem is that the black paper isn't archival safe so it starts melding with the photos and eventually starts getting damp and tar like. If you click on the picture above labeled "original cropped" and view it larger than 100%, you can see where the black backing is actually coming through to the front of the photo. Consequently, complete repair could not be done on the mother's face or the boys hat. Photos left in these albums indefinitely will eventually look like they are water damaged. They'll curl up and/or disintegrate and by then it's too late for repair. Please get your photos out of these old albums.

The other kind that will eat your photos alive is the old type where we peeled the cover back and stuck the photo down. Remember those? The problem with these albums is that the glue isn't archival safe and it literally turns to acid, eating the color out of the photo and then the photo paper itself. The glue will also meld with your photo and make it almost impossible to get it off the page. I've even seen some pictures that were lifted off the page only for the photo itself to be completely transferred to the glue and the photo paper comes off blank. Bizarro!

There are products that can help with getting the photos off these old pages. They can tear up easily and quickly when you start removing them. BE VERY CAREFUL. Let me know if you run in to trouble. I'll be glad to give you any helpful hints I can think of that might help.


  1. Sounds like you had a GOOD day and did grreat work! Way to go!

  2. All right... you go girl!

    Love what you're doing with the photos! Can you put heads back on when I cut them off due to terrible camera skills?

  3. AWESOME!! Keep going, keep rocking!! Proud of ya!!!

  4. @ Joe - I sure did! Thank you! I hope you've had a great weekend too.

  5. @ Maria - YOU go girl! Your new website rocks! I can put A head back on - probably just not the one you cut off. LOL. Thanks again for all your help.

  6. @ Blacksheep, John - I absolutely will. Thanks! Proud of you too - lots of good stuff goin' on.