Saturday, January 14, 2012

1/14/12 - 69! In January! I Noticed.

Got the babies out and went for a walk today along the shores of the lake.

Bentley and Nonni - Chillin'

Could not believe it is January and the temp was 69! There were people in shorts everywhere. Two of the guys from the Kayak Club were even in trunks - although I didn't see them brave the waters.

Kayak Attack

Then, to get some inspiration and my mojo back, I drove around the overnight campsites. I noticed there were a ton of pull-behinds but not many motor homes. Why is that I wonder?

I also noticed that they all grouped together. Why would they do that? I would have asked the park for a sight away from the others. I don't mean to be anti-social, but I certainly wouldn't travel and go to the lake in my get-away-from-it-all RV rig, just to park 5 feet from somebody. Especially in the Off Season! I don't get it.

They also all were parked in the sites closest to the main road. I would have chosen one on the back side, the most remote area, as close to the lake as possible - with a view of the lake! Am I missing something?

And to continue with this theme, I also noticed that a LOT of the pads or drives or whatever you call it, weren't for long homes or trailers. Most were for, what looked like to me, 24' or shorter.  I bet the spaces that could accommodate a toy hauler are booked fast. That will certainly make finding places to stay interesting for me when I do get on the open road. I can't wait for that day.

On another note: my brakes in my sweet, old '93 Buick are squealing. I did not know that until I was driving at very low speeds today with my windows down. So, I drove around with my left foot on the brake. I know that's not good for a car, especially an old one, but I could just hear my blogger friend John and some others talking about this rude lady in her noisy car that drove through the park disrupting everyone's peace and quiet. LOL. I didn't want them blogging about me tonight! Ha!

I hope everyone everywhere had as beautiful a day as we did - sunshine or not. Love and hugZ!


  1. Cool that you got to drive through there. I wonder if it's like restaurants where they just give you the "next available" unless you ask for something specific.

    Remember that the wheels are generally in the middle of the trailer so the pads aren't always the full length. At least I don't think so. You'd have to stop at the office and ask to be sure. Or ask one of our wonderful roving friends :)

    I envy your 69! Especially since we high a high of about 27 today.

    1. @ Maria - I know my brother/nephew requests specific sights whenever they are available. Maybe that's not available all the time. I suppose it might be that sometimes they mandate where you park. Who knows.

      I know trailers have the wheels in the middle but motor homes don't. Again am just guessing that the parks must have those pads built for demand. Are there really that many more trailers than homes? Interesting.

      Yeah, have to admit... being at the State Park in January in short sleeves wasn't too shabby! :)

  2. People are like cattle, they like to travel in herds, they feel safe in herds, so that is usually why they group together.

    We were even colder here in Toronto then the 27, we were -12 celcius. I would love to be even in the 50's F.

    Are you planning on a toy hauler when you get up and go?

    1. @ Tammy - Too funny! I also always say people are like birds, one moves on the wire and the rest of the birds want it to be still and "blend."

      -12 celcius!!! I can't even imagine!! I bet you can't wait to hit the open road. Would love to see your winter tho - at least once. I bet it's beautiful.

      Yeah, it looks like it will have to be a toy hauler - that is if I can ever afford one. Right now I can't even get a horse trailer! Ha! :) But I'm not giving up. Have decided I want another Harley to go with it. I suppose if I'm going to dream, I might as well dream big, right?

      So glad to see your comments. I feel like an igmo but haven't figured out how to follow yours yet. :(

      Hugs from Texas!

  3. My research is showing me toy haulers are actually cheaper than self-contained units in many cases. But then of course you need something to haul it with.

  4. @ Maria - Nope, want a self-contained toy hauler. Go figure. Champagne taste on a beer budget - that's me! :)