Sunday, January 15, 2012

1/15/12 - A Walk In The Clouds

OMG! I had forgotten how time consuming it is to start a business. Mind you, I am not complaining. I am very grateful to have a business to start, and will work as hard as I need to so that I have my mobile income and am on the road one day in my RV/Harley Hauler. I figure the harder I work the sooner I get there, but OMG! It is a lot of work! Oh, I said that already - sorry.

Plus, it's kind of hard to complain when you have such beautiful weather! I took a break this afternoon from working on business "stuff" and took the doggies for a long walk around the neighborhood. We had 70 degree temps again today. Wow. And look at the clouds that we were blessed to walk under!

Nope, not much to complain about - at all.

Thank you everyone for your input on my business cards. I finished my cards AND my flyers:

Business Card, 3x2

Flyer - Half Sheet, 8x5

I am now ready for my meeting tomorrow with my 1st client. Wish me luck! My website is good to go, I have completed the basic artwork and printing for marketing, and I have all of my finances tabulated on spreadsheets. Now all I need is A/R to make the red go away. :)

Spread the word my friend. Spread the word. I can help anyone, anywhere in the whole wide world with All Things Photo and All Things Admin. I truly am blessed and feel as though I'm walking under beautiful clouds all the time these days.

Now I'm going to work on my contest entry, A Pigeon Story. Who needs sleep, right? Ha!

I hope you have a blessed week. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Excellent! Says exactly what you do and keeps it simple too. Hope your meeting goes great tomorrow! I have a reading to do at noon but I'll be back at 3 or so... can't wait to hear about it!

  2. @ Maria - thank you so much! Not only for these kind words but for all your wonderful help! I might could have done this without you but I wouldn't have wanted to and I KNOW I wouldn't be ready for tomorrow. Your friendship and your services are invaluable my dear. HugZ!

    BTW, take an invoice with you tomorrow. ;) And don't give me a swift kick for saying that! LOL. Nite.

  3. A "Harley Hauler"??????? Sounds like you're planning on going all out when you hit the road!! Big dreams?? Thats OK, big dreams will help you get there!!

    Good luck with the FIRST client!!

    1. @ John - yes, big dreams. Am working on the theory to Dream Big or Go Home. Well, I guess in this case it would be "Stay home." LOL.

      Actually a rather horrible day and now I find out my blog site is broken on IE.

      You may be right. Sometimes I wonder what the heck I'm doing at this age having such huge dreams. I'll probably end up living in a trailer made of plywood with buzz-cut windows!

      But until then, hopefully I'll continue to dream. Not tonight tho. Am done for the day.

      A video that gives me inspiration (usually):


  4. haha. Thought the same thing as Blacksheep about the Harley Hauler. So I still have issues with accessing these pages with IE8 both at work and at home. just got to this using mozilla now.

    Really like the card and the flyer!

    1. @ LR - I'm so sorry you are having trouble. I created the blog in Mozilla. I wonder if that has something to do with it. Will try to find out what's going on and fix it ASAP. Thanks for checking in! Glad you like the car and flyer.

  5. I keep having issues when l try to post on your blog Errrr!!!! Tried a couple of days just hung there.

    I like the second one!

    1. @ Tammy - you're the 3rd person having trouble just today. I'm so sorry! Will see what I can do to get it fixed ASAP. Glad you like the 2nd one. Thanks for letting me know. HugZ!

  6. Heloo again. Don't know what all is cghnaging but now comments are popping up in a popup window in IE8. working now!

  7. @ Anonymous - I know. Sorry for the hassle. It's evidently an IE/Google issue. This is a workaround fix ITM. Man, I sure hope those 2 can work things out - they make such a lovely couple! LOL.

  8. Awesome work! I like the cards and flyers. I think I use a similar font on my blog.

    I'm sure the $$$$ will be pouring in faster than you can count it soon.

    Good luck!

    -Don & Tigger

  9. You mentioned a harley hauler. Are you familiar with the "funmover" RV? They're perfect for hauling MCs or other toys around.

  10. @ Don - I'm so glad you like them. Thank you! I picked up 3 more clients today. Am supposed to contact them tomorrow to retrieve the projects I am to do. Woohoo! :)

    Will check out the funmover RV. Thanks for the info! You and Tigger be safe out there.