Monday, January 16, 2012

1/16/12 - IE vs. Google Issues

Hello dear readers - Thank you for letting me know there was an issue with my blog! I really appreciate the heads-up. You guys are amazing!

And a HUGE shout-out to my "what would I do without you" girlfriend, Maria, for directing me to the help forum where the issue is discussed:
"We've raised this with Google Engineering. Until it is fixed I would suggest settings your comments to either Full-Screen or Pop up rather than Embed.

NOTE: The problem does not happen with Google Chrome or [Mozella] Firefox. It seems to be a problem with just Internet Explorer.

Hopefully Google will announce when the issues are fixed."
So there you have it. Don't know when they'll get it fixed or even IF they'll get it fixed but ITM, I have changed the setting to Pop-Up. I don't like it and I apologize for the inconvenience, but at least I can still hear from you this way.

I sure hope those two (IE and Google) work things out. They make such a lovely couple! Don't you think?

I love my readers! Thanks again. HugZ!