Friday, January 20, 2012

1/20/12 - But Who's Counting?

As of today, I now have 5 official clients for my business that I officially launched just 5 days ago, January 15. Not bad, right? I am thrilled!  This whole journey has been incredible.

Five months ago, five weeks ago, even five days ago I would never have dreamed that I would be sitting at the lake two days in a row working on projects for clients. MY clients! That has such a great ring to it, doesn't it?

Before I go any further, I want to welcome our 3 newest wonderful readers!
  • RonMc. According to his profile, Ron's interests are God, computers, people and nature. And I hope he won't mind me sharing this, but Ron and I went to high school together and I can tell you that his priority is definitely God. He's a great guy - Ron, that is. I think we all agree God's pretty good. ;)  Ron's blog is The Virus Fighter and while it addresses techno stuff, you'll also find on there that Ron plays the guitar and sings. Welcome Ron! Am really glad to have you on board.
  • Richard. Richard doesn't show information on his profile, and that's okay. It doesn't matter. I'm just glad you're here. Welcome Richard!
  • Janet Horton. Janet doesn't list any information, but I know Janet through my previous job. Janet doesn't like to toot her own horn so I'm going to do it for her. She is very involved in giving back to her community, is an independent business woman with DynaMAXX, and as the founder and CEO of a non-profit org for MS, she is philanthropic. She's also a mommy and a loved grandmother! Welcome Janet! I'm thrilled you joined us.
I love all of my wonderful readers! I carried you with me to the lake again. It got up to 67 today!  If the weather is this pretty next week it is going to make it REAL hard to be stuck inside the office at my new job. Mind you, I'm not complaining. I'm grateful to have a job, but being able to be by the lake this week sure makes me want my RV-living life even more.

We sat at the same picnic table and had yet another surprise visit by feathered friends, but of a different variety. They flew almost the entire expanse of the lake and then settled right by us. I forgot my camera so I grabbed my phone. The quality of the picture is horrible, but today was so pretty it deserved some sort of commemoration. As did the Mallard. Too bad his beautiful colors don't show up in this. Sorry about that, but to make up for the poor quality, I hid a couple of surprises in the picture. Can you find them?

You might recall that when I first went to the lake on January 14, my brakes were squealing. Now they are so bad that it is down right embarrassing! I called my mechanic. He said it will be $140-$200. That means it will be 2 more weeks before I can get the car to him. Rent comes first. It is hard to believe that 3 years ago I had a house, a new car, substantial savings and retirement. Before you think I'm getting all negative on you, let me warn you, I'm going to flip it and this is actually about gratitude. And focus. I am SO blessed!

Actually, so much so, I just decided to make it another blog entry. Stay tuned for "Gratitude and Focus." Next up. See you there!


  1. Wow you're doing amazing! Soon you'll have so many clients you won't have time for that new job :)

    I know that you're going to flip your life into exactly what you want. And soon.

  2. LR said: Site is lookikng really AWESOME! Glad you have some business going. Good Luck as you start your new adventure Monday! Just keep posting your info on facebook periodically too.

  3. Ahem... and now you have 7! Woot :)

  4. @ Maria - You are so amazing. Thank you so much for the support. And yes, 7! Woohoo indeed! :)

    As for the not needing that new job - Let's see, I still have some debt from the medical "stuff", I need reliable transportation, retirement, savings, health care, and oh yeah, an RV! LOL. Yeah, I think I'll need that new job for a very long time and am grateful for it. ;)

    Nothing beats having clients of my own tho. What a trip! I like having my own business. Woohoo again! And again! :)

  5. "! I carried you with me to the lake again." -
    I Love your attitude Debra - glad to hear you are getting more clients and I am glad to read your blog.
    Thanks for the mention, I am an on again off again blogger, but hopefully will have something worth a gander from time to time. Hope you get your brakes fixed soon. Take care my friend!

  6. @ LR - glad you like the site. Thank you! Maria also thanks you since she helped me with a TON of it. I will not forsake FB. I promise. You don't either! :)

  7. @ RonMc - You are welcome! Hope to get my brakes fixed Feb 4. Fingers crossed! :) Will have your pic ready for you by Monday. Stay tuned! HugZ, D