Friday, January 27, 2012

1/27/12 - Feel Goods

As you know, my next contest entry is titled "A Pigeon Story" and I will submit it next month. It starts off with a catastrophe in a parking garage but has a happy ending. My blogger friend, Don, wrote about something similar on his blog earlier today: Bird Free!  You really should read it. Don insisted the attendants at a garage help a trapped bird, and by doing so he saved a hawk's life. AND the hawk came back to thank them. Because Don hung around to make sure the attendants really did do something to help this bird, he got a great picture of the freed animal soaring. Feel goods don't get much better than that. Way to go Don! I am so proud of you.

Well, I did it. I finished my 1st week at my new job. Hey, feel goods come in all sizes, right? LOL. You'd think the picture below is a celebration luncheon, but it is actually a weekly occurrence. Every Friday, all the ladies in the office go out to eat and the company pays! How great is that? And sorry, the quality of the picture isn't great, but I didn't want to ask the waitress (or my new co-workers!) to take another one.

I also continue to do work for clients. Next I am creating a business card for a client that has moved to a new location. She wants to combine the look of 2 cards she has used in the past. The challenge is that one is animal print and the other is vibrant modern art. It will be interesting to see what I come up with. At this point even I don't know! :)  Also, my wonderful niece is getting married and I was just asked to do the wedding program and shower invitations. How lucky am I?  Opportunities abound as do feel goods every time I get on the computer!

I'm a little worried about keeping quiet time available for writing, but I will work it out. I've always known it will take a lot of work and long hours to get to the point where one day I will be on the open road, doing all of this full-time from my RV, but who knew so many feel goods would come with it? Oh yeah, I remember. God knew or He wouldn't have had me create this blog! Duh, me. LOL.

So my wonderful readers - I am wishing you your very own abundant feel goods. Thanks for sharing in mine. Keep coming back!


  1. Need to find a company like yours for the friday lunch.A question, no guys on friday? Have a nice week-end. And don't forget to simplify. I'm also bizzy. I sale, i give and also looking for my future home on wheels.On this side of the ocean we call it a camping-car or mobilehome. Another international hug. Patrick ;-)

  2. A week down...yay...another week closer to the dream!! I must have been led out of Quartzsite at just the right time, as I start a new job with a company Tuesday, that I had never heard of until last Wednesday morning!! God works in strange ways!!

  3. @ Patrick - I think the owner goes sometimes but he was out of town on Friday. Maybe others will join then but I think it's just the office girls. A very different culture in this office... the women eat together every single day. I was told no exception. Maybe because it's a warehouse/industrial business. I don't know. Have never experienced this group thing before.

    How do you simplify when you don't have time? Now that's a conundrum! LOL. Just not enough hours in the day and today I spent several hours helping my roommate with transportation issues.

    Didn't know you are looking for your RV/camping car/mobilehome. That is so awesome! What do you sell?

    HugZ right back, D

  4. @ BlackSheep - Thank you for saying that. Needed that because I feel like I'm going in the opposite direction. I think it's because I'm not simplifying which is what Patrick addressed. Don't want to get so busy that I'm just spinning my wheels (so to speak). Will have to watch out for that.

    I can't wait to hear all about your job! How did leaving Q open that up for you? That is awesome. And I don't know about strange, but definitely mysterious at times - at least to us humans! :)

    A friend of mine once said, "Don't you know? God loves us and just looks down sometimes and says, 'Ahhhh, isn't that cute? He/She has a plan." :)

    Giving up. Letting go. Turning it over. Those usually work. Can't wait to hear. Good for you! :)


  5. What i sell? Same like you. The two cars are going sice 2 months.The usual allday car BMW and the oldtimer Alfa romeo. Done! Only a folding-bike. I'm alone since 3 years and live in an appartment more than 100m2( Square yard133,33).So you can imagine the furnitures and stuff i need to drop outside to simplify just a little.I'm a hard worker but i have some free days, i'm not a robot. i appologize for my real bad english, sorry. Have a nice day, Patrick.!108&parid=root

    There you can see this to big flat for me and my cat!

  6. @ Patrick - I need an email address for you please. You can send it to me from my email address on my profile. OK? Great pix BTW! Fantastic. Thanks for sharing. :)