Sunday, January 29, 2012

1/29/12 - God Always Gets Me

One day, a long time ago, I was telling a friend of mine about some plans I was making for my life. I was very young and quite naive. The plans were very detailed with strict timelines. I even had spreadsheets, timelines and graphs to back it all up. She just laughed and said, "You know what God does when you make plans like that, don't you?" I looked at her with a blinking, blank stare.

She continued, "He smiles, points a finger and says, 'Oh look. Isn't that cute? She has a plan'."

I didn't get it then, but I get it now. I suppose it takes seasoned wisdom to understand the whole "best laid plans" phenomenon. Seasoned, I am. Wisdom? Still working on it. ;)

For example, 2 things happened this weekend that were no where near being on my agenda. Hadn't even considered either one of them. I got off work Friday and had my "plans" for the weekend of what I needed to work on. Here's the story of what happened instead. 
As you know, I have 4 tabs on this website: my blog, writing, all things photo, and all things admin. From previous blog entries you may also recall that I also want to be a public speaker one day. Actually, I used to be, and I want to get back to it. Not in this area where I live now but I used to speak for fund raisers, non-profits, and civic organizations. I was a committee chairman for United Way and I served on the Board for a domestic violence prevention group. I was very active in the community and engaged quite often in addressing large audiences.

I want to get back to that and I also want to start speaking to schools - only I think I'm too old for the children to really relate to me. So, all of this has just been brewing in the back of my head. You'll note that I don't have a Public Speaking tab. Yet.

Well, over the last few days I've been getting what I call a 'God Nod' to start thinking about adding the Public Speaking tab. There's no hurry, nothing formulated yet, just the premonition. Then today I wake up and during my morning routine and meditation it comes to me that I should speak to faculty and administration - not the students. Now that excites me! And it fits with what I have to say, so, Yea! Problem of target audience solved. Getting back in to the circuit? Not so much.

Then I log on to FB to catch up with friends and family and one of the 1st things I see is this sign:

It turns out it was posted by a friend of mine that works in the school district. Bazinga! God got me. I sent her a message, told her what I was thinking, stressed that there is no stress or timeline, and asked her opinion. We chatted for a bit and decided that I will draft something that she can show school district personnel.  I have no idea what that draft will be, what it will look like, or even what it will say. But I know God does. And if I listen to Him, He will guide me. He always does. Then we'll go from there. Voila! Next step solved.

I get my direction in small pieces these days, a slow reveal so to speak (grin), and I am okay with that. I have no idea what the outcome will be.  As each step is revealed, new doors open, eventually a little more is revealed and then more doors open.  It's actually quite nice. I may not have the graphs and timelines but everything unfolds just the way it should. Later in the day it occurred to me that as I draft "something" for my friend, it might even be something I could end up using as a Public Speaker tab. Who knew? Oh yeah, right. God did! :) 

This may sound strange to you but the world of scrapbooking and photo artistry is technically-oriented and advances are made at a very fast pace. It takes an investment of time to keep up with the changes and modern techniques. One of the shows I watch so I can see the latest, greatest is Scrapbook Soup.

Yesterday they had a segment on die cuts, matching stamps and 3D layouts. That gave me an idea for a gift I need to make for a client for Valentine's Day which led me to one of my favorite sites, Zutter.  Still with me so far?

Well, that class was sold out so I went to the instructors website, Hydrangea Hippo. OMG! I love her work. She has the exact type of products I want to make for my clients! So, I looked at her complete profile. Her name is Jennifer Priest. Then I just went bonkers. TMI! TMI! It's not that she was sharing too much. It's just that she has so much listed that I would actually like to do. My mind started going in all directions. Too. Many. Projects! (TMI = TMP = Information Project overload.) I started shutting everything down, including myself, and was headed for a full blown panic attack.

You know the drill: I can't do it all. I'm getting too scattered. I'm never going to be a success. Blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm telling you - my mind is not a safe neighborhood to be in sometimes!

Still, I kept getting a God Nod to go back to her website. I argued. Really? Seriously? And suffer from TMI/TMP again? I battled the God Nod overnight and finally gave in. (When am I ever going to learn?)

I went back to her website today and almost immediately saw that she sells her goods on and has a store there. And there you have it. Bazinga! Once again multiple problems solved.

I have been wondering what to do with all of my extra scrapbook supplies and tools. It's not like you can sell those things on Craig's list. And there's not a big run on eBay for 2x3 envelopes of colored, patterned ribbon. And who on those sites wants to buy a skein of mismatched numbers or alpha stacks? Okay, so it appears the next step for selling my wares may be an etsy store.

That brought up all kinds of business questions. For example, if and when I start selling items, what is the best way to package them? How do I go live with PayPal? How do I know what to charge? What business licenses(es) are required? How do I track it all for taxes? On and on.

And then the most amazing thing happened. You guessed it. Bazinga! God got me again. It turns out that through another one of my favorite continuing education sources, MCC, Ms. Priest is conducting a five week online course on "Crafting a Handmade Business on Etsy." She is covering all of my questions, and then some; the cost is within my budget, and the timing is perfect! The class doesn't start until February 21st. I will have my contest story written by then and all of my current projects for clients completed.

I'm telling you - God always gets me and He's always got my back. I am definitely Living in Grace, in spite of myself. I am going to be living in that RV full-time one day. I'm glad you're coming along with me.


  1. "He smiles, points a finger and says, 'Oh look. Isn't that cute? She has a plan'."
    Just do it! And liv in...grace.

  2. Very interesting! Seems I was LED out of Arizona and back home to Illinois because of a "plan"....I got here safely, despite worrying my truck would make it....I had a job literally fall into my lap, despite worrying about what I was going to do to stay afloat till mid April....when am I going to learn to stop worrying, and let God do this stuff for me, according to the "plan"???

  3. @ Patrick - I think I am. Full speed ahead, actually. If you see it differently, please let me know. HugZ to you my international friend. ;)

  4. @ BlackSheep - there are a whole bunch of wonderful sayings, "Let Go and Let God," "Acceptance is the Key," "God is Large and in Charge" etc., but I've been told "Figure It Out" is not one of them. I'll be darn if I don't keep forgetting that tho. LOL.

    I am so happy for you! And am very glad that you are staying in touch. I look forward to catching up on your blog about your new job. HugZ!