Monday, January 30, 2012

1/30/12 - Stuff B-Gone

It is different. This life of not buying or decorating around a sticks and stones home. Very different.

I recently decided to get rid of my 3-cushion sofa and keep just the loveseat. The goal was to free up enough room in the living room so I can actually have room to work out - something I haven't done in a very long time, and it is high time I get back to it. I want to be healthy and strong when I move in to my RV, right? And yes, I know I should live a healthy lifestyle no matter what, but there's something very motivating about wanting to live on the open road AND drive a motorcycle again.

So, I asked my roommate if it would bother him having just one couch instead of 2.  He looked at me as if I had lost my mind and then cracked up laughing.

Since we live in a 2 bedroom split floor plan duplex and both of us pretty much stay in our rooms and rarely see each other, let alone sit in the living room, he finally quit laughing and said, "Yeah, sure. Whatever. Doesn't matter to me." My roommate is a man of few words. LOL. So, without further adieu I called a thrift store today.

It surprised me when they said they wanted to come pick it up tomorrow. So tonight we took it to the garage where it will sit over night. I cannot believe how much more room there is now, and how freeing it is! In fact it is so nice having the extra space, my roommate suggested we also get rid of the loveseat. I couldn't go that far, but it did motivate me to toss in a few more donations.

I started looking around the garage. I cannot believe the amount of things I have from my previous mortgaged home that are just sitting in the garage waiting on me to take out another mortgage! Since I don't ever plan on doing that, opting instead to one day be a full time RV resident, I started piling on as much sticks and stones decor/dust gathering items I could get my hands on.

Before long, I could barely see the couch!

All of that will be gone tomorrow. Simplifying and downsizing is fun!

I'm on my way folks. It seems that I never know what the day will bring, but I'm very grateful each day allows for forward progress. Even if it does look like a pile of junk.


  1. I love this pic of a pile of junk. Great work.I did'nt know you drive a...motorcycle.Surprised. Have a nice day.

  2. Just forgot this

  3. Feels great to get rid of things! I just had cable turned off (after not watching TV for 3 months I figured it was time, lol) and took some stuff out to the trash.

    Love the freedom!

  4. I have found that no matter how much I agonize about getting rid of STUFF, once it is gone I hardly remember what it was.

  5. @ Patrick - The last bike I owned was an '03 HD Road King. I LOVED that bike! Was sad when I had to get rid of it. Yet another fragmented chapter in my book of life, but one I hope to rewrite. ;)

    Do you know De Backer? I enjoyed the article. Will try to find some of his music on youtube.

    Oh yeah, and will post or send pics of bike soon too. HugZ!

  6. @ Maria - Good for you on the cable! And the trash! I had to look back over my blog to see when it was I got rid of mine (the cable that is, still have trash, LOL). I blogged about it on 12/30/11 - No TV, No Problem, I haven't missed it a single day. Soul sisters. I'm tellin' ya.

  7. @ Susan - I am right there with you on that. And why oh why do I have boxes in my garage that for the life of me I couldn't tell you what was in them?!? I should just wrap tape around them and toss them. We'll see. How's your hand? No more falling while purging! :) xo