Saturday, February 11, 2012

2/11/12 - I Worked Hard Today

I got a lot done today. I finished a project for a client, got the yard done (smart me - picked one of the coldest days of the year - grin) and cleaned up my email. Make that emails, plural. I consolidated 9 email addresses down to 2, and in the process I sorted and organized and deleted over 900 emails! What is up with that?!?

I told you before and I'll say it again - I have a LOT of culling and simplifying to do to get ready for RV living. To say the least, right? OMG!

But I am so glad I took time to do all of that today because guess what I found?  I can't believe I almost missed it because of all the crap emails I've signed up for over the years!! BTW, I cancelled 24 subscriptions to said crap emails today, and probably have many more to go. But at least now I can take care of future cancellations as they come up. I mean I should be able to, since I'm like, I don't know, down to 2 email addresses with only 80 emails sitting in my In Box vs. 900!  I still can't believe I allowed them to get so out of control!

But I digress..... back to the treasure I found..... are you ready? .......

TA DA..... I am in the running for the final round of the short story competition I entered in November!! "The Blue Lady" is a contender!! How great is that?!?

I am so excited!!!  I bet I don't get ANY sleep tonight!!!

The email came in on January 24 and I almost deleted it today because it was from a strange address, but then I noticed the subject line, "Writer's Digest Short Short Update."

I am so excited!!! (<-- bears repeating, evidently)

That same email said that Top Award Winners will be notified via email by February 29. It made the mind-numbing scrolling and moving and deleting and creation of pop messages all totally worth it. I may not get that follow-up email for Top Award Winners but it doesn't matter. This one put me over the top! :)

Celebrate with me, won't you?  Woohoo!


  1. Congratulations at you!!! way to go!!!

  2. All Right!! Go Debra!

    I've been thinking about consolidating my e-mails too. I think I have 8 right now and sometimes it gets aggravating!

    I shutter to think of how many unread I should be going through. Maybe tomorrow I'll think about it some more :-)

  3. 29 shall be a great day. Don't miss this mail.Have a nice and warm sunday, Patrick.
    PS, My inbox is today 591 and 16 spam.Living in Grace is not spam ;-)

  4. Enjoy


  6. @ Joe - thanks! Keep your fingers crossed! ;)

    @ Maria - fiddledeedee, tomorrow is always good! LOL.

    @ BlashSheep - very creative kind sir. Thank you! :)

    @ Patrick - Regardless of what happens on the 29th, I shall not be disappointed. It has been a thrill ride just getting here.

    It was cold here today 'till I watched that video. Can't take my mind off of it now. Will watch the movie Tuesday night for Valentine's day. Wow.

    PS. Glad I'm not spam. ;)

    Thanks everybody. I am SO blessed!