Sunday, February 12, 2012

2/12/12 - Nonni Is Famous!

Hey everybody! Nonni is famous! Here's a glimpse of her 15 minutes. Well, it's more like 43 seconds on a video I made, AND her spotlight moment includes a shout-out on a very popular blog, but you get my drift. To her mommy, she's famous! :)

Sandra, the MadSnapper is an incredible photographer and she saw my post about Nonni being a heater hog. Then one thing led to another. Wait until you see the pictures Nonni inspired. They will crack you up! Great job, as usual, Sandra --> Sandra's new toy - thanks to Nonni.

And then you can go from Sandra's incredible work to a video I made of Nonni. I title it: Nonni finally warmed up! It only took her 3 days but she was finally done with the covers AND the heater. Her shenanigans had been going on for a couple of minutes before I remembered to grab the camera. She had even flipped the bed twice by the time I started recording! :)

By the way, thank you Maria for helping me today. I can't believe I now have a YouTube account! Folks, there's just no stopping me. I'm on a roll. :)

I'll get better with the quality, in my videos and photos, I promise. And who knows, maybe one day while on the road in my RV having amazing adventures, I may even be able to hold the camera with one hand, feed animals, and add titles and text afterward like my blogger friend Don. Click here to see him feeding a flock of seagulls. Wow.

OK. Back to work for me. Will post more and catch up with everyone this evening. Have a great afternoon my wonderful readers!


  1. Aww, there's the sweet girl! She plops down just like Soto does. :)

  2. Hello Debra, fine to see you...rolling.My youtubeaccount is since 2-2-2007 and i put my first video 1 week ago. Belgium under snow and i in my truck driving hand.(Hope my boss don't read this blog;-)This little country from just 282km (175 miles)length and 145km (90 miles) thank's was paralyzed under 5cm (1,97 in) and 1200 km (748miles)queues. Hell and snow.
    So this day i enjoyed realy, 2 things i love to do, drve my truck and listen good music.
    Enjoy Moriarty and a Belgian lonesome poor truckdriver on the road.
    Have a super rolling day ;-)

  3. Hey Patrick. Couldn't help but sneak a peek at the video. Love how the wipers seem to move in time with the music.

    And it's a cool song too. Thanks for expanding my horizons beyond the US!

  4. @ Patrick - I agree with Maria! Great song, cool wiper rhythm and it was fun taking a drive with you! Thanks for taking me thru a slice of Belgium. That was fun!

    I'm glad you're safe too. If you're boss does see the video or blog, tell him you had it mounted on the dash. LOL. Be careful Patrick!

    You too have a super, keep on rollin, warm and cozy day, Debra

  5. @ Leslie - yes, she is so sweet. Like brother, like sister. Too funny! :)

  6. the video made me laugh out loud, that is the way Jake makes his bed, using his mouth. Baby girl does her by using her paws and gets it so balled up she will look at me and wait for me to spread it out. you go girl you ARE on a roll

  7. @ Sandra - would love to see Jake and Baby in action. Too funny! :)