Monday, February 13, 2012

2/13/12 - Pioneers & RV Living

Over the years, in addition to therapy, I have read countless books, and attended hours on hours of seminars and conferences - all to learn about the brain. My studies have specifically centered on depression and the mental health issues in my family; and then later, after my injury, issues concerning traumatic brain injury (TBI).

In addition to my biology degree, all of this research and study should also qualify me for at least an associate degree in neurology. I can hold my own with just about any professional - ph.d., m.d., or d.o.

One of the best neurobiologist that I know is Dr. Caroline Leaf.  I love how she ties the physiology of the brain to thought --> emotion --> action. She is also a pioneer in proving how negativity and toxicity impair the brain. More importantly, she teaches how to repair damaged pathways and neural networks. Needless to say, I'm a fan.
Dr. Leaf's website states that she is specifically focused on the cognitive neuroscientific aspects of TBI/CHI (Traumatic brain injury/Closed head Injury) and the science of thought as it relates to thinking, learning and renewing the mind, gifting and potential.
So it was with great interest I read one of her recent statements: "Long-term lifestyle changes require a combination of realistic expectations, internal motivation and achievable action plans."

The entire premise of this blog, of my epiphanies, and all of the effort I put in to each and every day, revolves around the fact that I want long-term lifestyle changes. That was the sole purpose of creating this blog to start with.  So I decided to analyze the rest of her assertion.

My expectations are to one day live full-time in an RV while making a mobile living - hopefully as a writer, but I have back-up plans just in case that doesn't happen.

Are those realistic expectations? Honestly, since I currently don't have a penny to my name, I'm not sure. I just know that's what I want. Which leads to the next segment of her statement.

That I have oodles of. God-given, God-driven with tons of energy to spare. Okay, check.

My action plans are achievable. I guess the real question is, will they help me meet my expectations/goal?

J.O.B. - I now have a low-stress, no overtime, no drama job with benefits. Check.
Writing - I have committed to enter a writing contest each month for 2 years and am on track for that. Check.
All Things Photo | All Things Admin - These are my two online business that are to help me create a mobile income and achieve my goals. I've joined the Chamber, am networking, promoting, taking CE courses for craft improvement, working nights & weekends - doing everything I can.  But is it enough?
Organizing/Culling - My original goal was to do something daily to move toward this. Because of the 3 action items just listed however, my new goal is to do something at least weekly in this category.
So there you have it.
Will all of this get me the long-term lifestyle change I want?
I don't know. You tell me wonderful readers.
What do you think?

What I do know is that there are some amazing women out there that have pioneered the way for me, and I want to join them one day. A huge thank you to Sassy and Bennie for posting this newsclip about pioneering women living full-time in RVs (click here to watch). Women like the ones in this story, and the ones whose blogs I follow, keep my dream alive. They are my heroes.

I guess if all else fails, me and my 3 furry babies can live in this. Ha! LOL. What do you think boondockers, would this suffice? :)

Mini Cooper RV Living


  1. I can't wait to see you in this trailer riding the highways. Although I am not sure that it will be big enough for all three of you. Love ya, cuz.

  2. @ Gloria - Would have to agree. When the day comes, it will be interesting to see what I do blaze trails in. Love you too. :)

  3. Hmmmmmmm.......not real sure about the mini Cooper!!!

  4. @ BlackSheep - glad you can comment, let me know if you have trouble again. Yeah, Nonni, my Rhodesian Ridgeback, wouldn't even fit in the mini-cooper. LOL. Thought it was interesting tho - matching paint even. Fancy! ;)

  5. Just do it, and don't forget your red hat and....Tom!The only man you need.
    Have a nice day Debra.
    I googlized Rhodesian Ridgeback. It's a dog, lol. A great dog.I'm an Airstream fan.Not a mini fan.;-)

  6. @ Patrick - wasn't that 90+ year old lady a hoot! Tom, indeed. She cracked me up. I don't own a red hat. LOL. And am definitely with you on the airstream vs. mini. Happy Valentine's Day my friend!

  7. i could live in it with no problem just so i can get wi fi

  8. @ Sandra - I'm with you on that! What did we ever do without it? :)