Saturday, February 18, 2012

2/18/12 - New Wonderful Readers

I am always so thrilled to have new, wonderful readers join us. I'm a few days behind in welcoming some of our new readers and I apologize for that!  Welcome to:

MadSnapper. I absolutely love the photography you will find on this blog. Plus, she’s the one that made Nonni famous! Welcome Sandra; I’m honored.

Fred. He doesn’t have a profile listed, but I noticed that he follows another favorite blog of mine, “Traveling with the Longdogs”  I don’t have my RV yet Fred, but I’m glad you’re here. Welcome!

Ed. He joins us from Deerfield, IL and his profile states, “Grandpa's my name, spoil'ins my game.” How wonderful is that?  And happily married for 40 years - gotta love a family man. Check out that beautiful picture of his grandbabies. Welcome Ed!

Tina. She doesn’t have a profile or blog listed, but I can tell you that I enjoy reading Tina’s comments she has left on other blogs. Welcome Tina! Glad you’re here and I look forward to hearing from you.