Saturday, February 18, 2012

2/18/12 - Rising To The Top

Does anyone have any statistics on how many full-time RVers there are (on average), per year, in general.....  anything?  I researched it before posting this entry and couldn't find anything solid.

I researched it because there have been more than a few people lately that seem to think since I do not have my RV yet that I am not serious about the lifestyle. Well, first of all, it was only 4 months ago it became a goal of mine! And yes, I realize that 4 months is an entire 1/4 of a year, but give me a friggin break. These people are not shy about intimating or outright saying that they also do not think I will ever accomplish my goals.

It got to me for awhile. I let self-doubt creep in. I began questioning my action items and timelines and everything else. No more.

OR 2 OR 3 OR 4 OR ANY!

Maybe I was a bit premature in letting people know what I want to do, but I WILL accomplish my goals. I said from the beginning that it may take me 2, 3, 5 even 7 years to amass the cash necessary to purchase an RV outright, but I will do it.

I would imagine that a lot of people will come into and walk out of my life in that time frame. I hope you're not one of them, but I'm okay with whatever my life looks like when I get there. I'm enjoying the journey along the way. If that is taking too long for you, then mosey on and come back if and when you want. Or not. I'm good either way.

I do realize that in order to accomplish my goals, my priority management needs to change and I have to make better use of my time. Which means some things are going to have to go. I'm not sure yet what I need to do but here is a partial list of all that I have going on and am trying to juggle (and no, it is not in a particular order so no lectures please):
writing, my 2 online businesses - product development & marketing, my j.o.b., my pets, household maintenance/upkeep, social media, continuing education, development of an online store, financial/record management, culling/simplifying/selling, faith, fun, family and friends.
I'll figure it out, but I'm also open to any suggestions my wonderful readers may have.

Love, hugZ and blessings to all. Keep the Peace "y'all". ;)


  1. Sound's like the positive kind of attitude that will eventually find you at your destination.As for the nay sayer's to them i don't even mention it to them,let them be surprised someday when we drive out of town to follow where ever our dreams may lead!

  2. @ Joe - thank you! Can't wait to see the announcement (and pics) that you have your rig. The day will come. You are right. Thanks again.

  3. Strong words Debra and exactly what you need to hear yourself say!

    Yes you WILL do it. As will I and many others who have chosen this path. Many won't too, and that's ok. But I'm proud of you for taking a stand :)

    As far as priorities, I know you're working on them. Keep us all posted.

    1. Thank you Maria. I realize I was probably "preaching to the choir" but this blog keeps me accountable and some of the people closest to me -family and friends- were dismissing it (and me) as hogwash. "Living in Grace while finding my way to the open road" is ALL that I am about anymore. Nothing bogus or unrealistic about it. Thanks for the support. :)

  4. I love that attitude! Back me up or not, but stay the hell outta my way!! Rock on princess, I'm here for ya!!

    1. Princess with an attitude... now that's a moniker I could get used to! LOL. I love it. Thanks John.

  5. keep on truckin! that is my motto and in your case keep on RVing. you can do it if you want to and there is no time frame.