Thursday, February 2, 2012

2/2/12-Bye Bye Vintage. Hello New-ish.

Okay, Glenn and/or Maria - I know this isn't Paleo and could certainly be a lot healthier I'm sure, but at least it isn't pizza or fast food!  I actually grilled a steak tonight! Me! I was in the kitchen!

I broke down and broke out my very vintage (one of the original) George Foreman grills and cooked. The other miracle is I actually went to the store and bought the dang steak. And that's the real issue. I hate shopping! Of any kind, and I especially hate grocery shopping. So there. I've outed myself. I lack in this domestic area. Actually, I think if I could hire someone to do the shopping, I wouldn't mind cooking. I enjoy that part, but I will go as long as I can before I go to the store  - which means I hardly ever have any groceries.

SO, if I'm going to start eating healthier - and I am - then I've got to suck it up and shop. Yuk! But man was it worth it. Yummy! Is there room in an RV for a vintage GF grill?

Since I am spending a lot of time sitting in my desk chair now (doing computer work for clients, thank you very much, grin), I had to lift my moratorium on not buying anything non-RV related. <-- Wait, 2 negatives make a positive right? SO, it's not that bad. LOL.

My wonderful, beautiful, full of character vintage chair has to go bye-bye. Isn't she adorable?

However, those springs that you can see through the seat cushion had become a tad uncomfortable. If you know what I mean.

SO, I found out from one of my co-workers the location of a nearby used office furniture store and went by there after work. I was disappointed with the lot. There was nothing there with 1/2 the personality of my teal brocade vinyl on lime green metal baby, but I found something that will suffice.

SO, the guy helps me load my new, used chair (which is actually more dark mauve than the picture shows) into my '93 Buick with burgundy velour seats (yes, velour!), and once he gets it loaded he just stands there for a second looking at it. Then he turns to me and says, "Well, at least it matches." Then politely walks off.

What the heck was that supposed to mean? Did he think I was going to leave my new-ish chair in my vintage car? I drove off laughing so hard I got tears in my eyes. You should have seen his face. I think maybe I will take him my vintage chair and ask him if he wants to sell it. I wonder what he would say then?  ROFLOL.


  1. Debra you crack me up! Love the chair.. can you spin around until you fall on the floor? I do that way too often :p

    The steak looks great too and I'm a little miffed you didn't invite me over! Hehe.

    Lots of the grocery stores around here are open 24 hours, and I like to shop late at night when there aren't many people. And bonus, after 10pm or so a lot of them mark down meat that's expiring that day - sometimes by as much as half. Might be worth checking to see if they do that there too.

    Or hey, you can always just stock up on 20-30 pounds of grass fed goodness like I do. Then you won't have to shop nearly as often :)

  2. @ Maria - If my new chair didn't have arms, I'd join you on the floor. LOL. You can drive down anytime you want. I'll leave a light on for ya. :)

    Shopping without crowds is better but it's still shopping. Ugh! :)

    20-30 lbs? What size freezer do you have? OMG! :)

  3. I always buy the same things in the bulk section so I don't have to go very often. I just hope that I can do the same when I get to TX in April.

  4. @ Susan... TX? April? Do tell! Would love to meet you!

  5. @ Susan... TX? April? Do tell! Would love to meet you!