Thursday, February 23, 2012

2/23/12 - Jogging and Why?

As I came home from work I rounded a bend in the road near my house and nearly plowed in to my roommate. He was jogging with my two furry babies. I'm just joking about the plowing into them part, but as you can see they were definitely out for a jog. What a nice surprise! I am quite pleased with the picture taken quickly with one hand from a camera phone, them on the move and me coming to a stop. :)

When they got home my dogs were so happy! I'm getting healthier, but their mom is definitely not a jogger. Yet. And I say "yet" because, if I know anything, it's that I never know what the future will bring.

I couldn't wait to show my roommate my coupon for a ticket to the RV show this weekend. He thinks I'm obsessed. He's right. LOL.

He asked me, "Why do you want an RV so badly Mrs. Debra?" He calls me Mrs. Debra. When I asked him about it one time, he just shrugged and said, "I don't know Mrs. Debra. To me, that's just your name." And so it remains. Too funny. It's endearing though. I love it.

One of the ladies at work said that if they lived in an RV it would be to get rid of all their stuff, have minimal bills and not have to clean so much. Everyone laughed.

Some people live in their RVs for the adventure, the travel, the nomadic lifestyle. There are as many reasons for RV living as there are myriad people.

It's all good. For me? I want communion. I look forward to finding harmony, serenity, an accord with God, nature and myself. I look forward to the ways it will amplify my gifts - not the ones I receive, the ones I can give...... the ones that get lost in all the noise of my current day-to-day living. Writing is a good example.

I look forward to solitude. I look forward to meeting new people and developing fellowships with like-minded souls. Then solitude and communion again.

I look forward to discovering the universe that I don't know - not just new, peaceful, beautiful places, but the realm that seems to lie just beyond my reach. It's there. I can feel it, and I can hardly wait to discover it.

To skeptics, that may seem like an awful lot to pack into a little old RV, but that's what will happen. Tick-tock. :)


  1. The RV is just the vehicle... it's all packed into little ole' you - the lady with the big heart and huge soul :^)

    Such a huge ball of energy behind you. Wow, almost bowls me right over!

  2. @ Maria - such kind words, thank you! I thought about the distinction, ole' vs. old, but decided to stick with old. My 1st RV will probably be from the mid '80s due to affordability, but I will love it just as much or more than some of the 6-digit monstrosities I'm sure I'll see tomorrow at the RV show! :)