Friday, February 24, 2012

2/24/12 - Freedom and Fun

There are 2 more reasons I want to live in an RV full-time: Freedom and Fun.  It is the same 2 reasons that made me fall in love with driving a motorcycle.  I miss my motorcycle.

Sidebar - Here is a picture of Nonni and Bentley. They are enjoying their early evening romp of freedom and fun. They had a good time even though they had to stop and pose. They are saying, "Mommy, hurry up and get better with that camera. We're too cute for bad pictures!" :)

Someone told me recently that they thought I would be a boring, schoolteacher, marm person. That made me cackle. She was partially right. After all, I did teach school for awhile, but boring? Never! And I've been called a lot of things but "marm" has never been one of them.

So, to honor the theme of Freedom and Fun, here are just a few pics of things I enjoy doing and hope to do again one day - in the not too distant future. And yes, that is me in each of these. ;)

Parasailing. The 1st picture was taken by my friend Cindy from the ground. The 2nd was taken by me while in the air. They were not happy with me for letting go of the ropes to do that. What I could never figure out is how they knew? LOL.

Scuba Diving. I am hovering to take a picture. I am NOT touching that precious, huge, gorgeous sponge. Yes, sponge. Thank God most countries have passed laws to stop the harvesting. Scuba Divers' motto: Look but don't touch, not even a little.

Motorcycle Driving. See, the problem with driving is that I'm always taking the picture while on my bike - not in the picture. So I thought it would be fun to show you pictures from that perspective. Can you guess what State I was in when I took these?

See you on the open road soon my wonderful readers.


  1. wow, boring you are not, brave you are, i would not do any of the above except of course taking the dogs for a walk and a photo shoot. they look so cute. my hubby would love to do all that you did. i am a chicken little that runs around saying the sky is falling so no danger for me except when i say to hubby "danger Will robinson"

  2. @ Sandra - my puppies are cute, aren't they? They make me smile every single day. You? Chicken little? Not hardly. Within 24 hours of learning about laptop photos and videos, you had it conquered. You're explorations may not be outdoor adventures but you have a braveness and boldness about you that I adore. Is your husband's name Will? If so, that is even more hilarious. :)