Sunday, February 26, 2012

2/25/2012 - Today's Array

Today was crammed with activity - not normal for me at all. This morning at 7A, I took my full-of-character Betsy (my car's nickname) to get 2 long overdue front tires. The need to do so is evidenced by this picture of the old tires. Scary, right?

You may be asking why I'm putting pictures of a tire purchase on my blog....

This blog is about my journey to the open road while living in grace. It is ground zero where rebirth and rebuilding began for me. This blog captures it all. It will be interesting to see how these bald tires contrast with the quality of life I will have as a fulltimer. The Before and After, as it were. And so they made the post.

I will one day look back, see these pictures, and shake my head in disbelief as to how destitute I was on 2/25/2012. I feel that with every fiber of my being. I  may be stone broke right now, but I am not downtrodden. I lack for nothing and am a very blessed woman, happy beyond belief and thrilled with the direction I am going.

In fact, people commented on it while I was waiting on my car. One elderly man flat-out asked me why I was so happy.  I thought it odd that he should ask because at the time I was typing on my laptop.  Up to that point we had had a few exchanges, but they were brief so his question surprised me.

I decided his curiosity deserved an honest answer.  So I beamed and replied that I was getting 2 new tires, had been kept safe until I could afford to buy them, was going to the RV show later in the day and was currently in the middle of writing a story.  He just blinked and scratched his head as if I were an enigma. I seem to have that affect on men.

After that, while at the register, a lady commented that I seemed really chipper for it to be so early in the morning. I just smiled and said, "I know. I can't help myself." I paid and was on my merry way.

I went back home and finished an order for a client, went to the RV Show in the afternoon (blog to follow), and then took the dogs to the nearby Preserve for a 3 mile hike and some much needed quiet time with nature.

I had less than an hour to spend at home after the hike because I had to get to my niece's and help stuff wedding invitations for her daughter's upcoming wedding. KJ is so excited and the cutest bride-to-be. Her mother can't believe her oldest daughter is getting married. There were 5 girls at the task. We talked and laughed a lot. Fun times.

To keep all this activity and the hoards of people I was around today from taking it's toll on me, I took mini-breaks throughout the day to stay centered. For example, while at home after the hike, I had just a few minutes to read something inspirational. I found the perfect spattering of beauty and serenity (here), on Wayne Wir's blog.  I sat for a few more minutes reflecting/meditating then took off for my niece's house.

In contrast, tomorrow will be spent in blissful solitude.  Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed my day, very, very much. I just had to use some of the tools at my disposal to maintain balance:
my dogs, the hike, nature, remembering God (what I sometimes call check-ins), finding something beautiful and serene to focus on, routine temperature checks (honest evaluations of my needs and any modifications that may need to be made), and listening to some of my favorite, peaceful music in between it all
I will blog about the RV show tomorrow. Being a single, solo girl at the event was interesting, to say the least. Manana wonderful readers!


  1. wow what a day you had, i did not even leave the house except for quick trip to WM for groceries. it is a good thing the others could see you were happy, a very good thing. when I was 39, i was homeless, no job, everything i owned in the back of my small Nissan pickup truck that was not paid for. keep on RVing

    1. @ Sandra - I read this and it brought tears to my eyes. Your comment is as real for me as any personal hug in time of need. Thank you very much for that. And thank you for sharing from your heart. Big hugZ right back at ya my blogger friend, D

  2. Well now, that was just a great fun filled day sounds like to me!! Can't wait to see the blog for the RV show....take a lot of pics? I'm heading to Cincy today to work this week, should have a report from Maria tomorrow at this time...

    1. @ John - blog update in progress. Will post pics soon. I hope you and Maria have a grand time. Fantastic! Give each other a hug for me. Stay safe in your travels! :)

  3. Debra, do you know what an inspiration you are? Keep shining those light beams :)

    1. @ Maria - I want to be. Need to be. It's one of the visions God has given me but I'm not "seeing" it or "feeling" it yet. In fact, my mind tells me the opposite. It is an incongruity I'm currently struggling with. Given my past, I am not surprised but will be very glad when all facets are in harmony. Comments like this help, and mean the world to me. Thank you very much. xxo, D