Sunday, February 26, 2012

2/26/12 (2 of 2) - RV Show Pictures

I apologize for there not being any technical information in this post. There were 3 afternoon sessions I wanted to attend - solar panels, propane systems and kitchen appliances, but I'm sorry dear readers.... I require wide-open spaces.  A room packed with several hundred people, wall-to-wall, is not something I could tolerate. I was disappointed, but I will have to garner my technical savvy the good old-fashioned ways: friends, family & experience; and the modern ways: internet and eBooks. Trade show classes just weren't happening.

The RVs (non-trailer) at the show ranged from $85 in price to $840K, and there were only 3 that I would have even considered, even if I had all the cash sitting right in my pocket. The vehicles were all jammed too close together to get good pics so I googled and found pictures of the 3 I liked the best.

Note: This is not an endorsement for these dealers nor does it mean that these particular dealers were even at the show. It's just an internet image to give you a picture of what I saw:
I had the opportunity to talk to a lovely couple from San Antonio. They were looking at a toy hauler for their Honda Goldwing Trike. She was also a scrapbooker. I love meeting cool, like-minded people. What a treat! They answered some questions I had about going from standard bike riding to a trike. I'm realistic enough to know that by the time I can afford another bike, it will probably need to be a trike. It just can't possibly be the same rapture as the traditional two-wheel, but they both said the hardest thing to get used to was the flat turns, and it was definitely worth losing maneuverability to gain additional safety. Good to know.

They also said that they got their 1st RV through Craig's List. It was the same RV they had seen just 2 weeks prior on a dealer lot. Turns out it was at the dealer on consignment. Fortunately, they had walked the dealer lot on a Sunday when it was closed, and were not obligated to a salesperson. The dealer was asking $104. They bought it directly from the seller for $69. Lesson learned. Now if I can just find the same kind of deal, less a zero or two (LOL), I'll be good to go.

The one thing I absolutely did not understand is the obsession with TV. One RV touted a 96-inch outside flat screen. What the heck? You get away from it all to.... watch TV? I don't think so. No offense to those whose boat that floats, but it's certainly not my cup of tea. (had enough idioms yet? grin)

The one thing I learned and had not thought of was the significance of keeping the RV waxed. It's the little things, ya know? Must admit tho - not looking forward to that recurring task.

Smart cars were on display at every turn, $15-$18K.

They look like a tennis shoe to me, but quite handy for towing (or storing).

There were 2 features I saw that could be pretty nifty for families or for people planning on entertaining a lot (for indoor energy conservation).

Outside stove, sink and refrigerator

Access to the bathroom from outside
There were also a couple of things that I thought were pretty keen, but certainly not necessary.

Sliding pull for heavy objects & to reach the middle of the pass through-easy to operate and locked from either side.

An electric cooler with a light. I know, I know. I can hear all of you now. I said they were cool, not necessary, remember? LOL.
And then there was this. I absolutely cannot figure out why anyone would need to turn their toy hauler gate into a deck, even temporarily. Since when does good 'ole tierra firma not suffice? OMG! I bet Sassy and Bennie would have had a field day if they had seen this.  ROFLOL, busting a gut. (Sorry, had to use at least one more idiom.)

Like I said, I had a great time and enjoyed the show, but for a girl that will probably start out with a 20-30 year old RV and drives a 19 year old Buick, I found myself shaking my head in wonderment. A lot.


  1. sounds like you had a wonderful time plus learned a lot and are now ready to Hunt that bargain RV, never through about craigslist.

  2. @ Sandra - I had a couple of friends tell me about craigslist already, have even seen a few on there so definitely a possibility. What got me too about their story was the price difference. A $35K profit and commission? Seriously? LOL.

    Thank you again for being so encouraging. HugZ!