Thursday, February 9, 2012

2/9/12 - It's A New Day

I just can't get this Michael Buble' song out of my head! Feeling Good is definitely my theme song these days. :)

Someday I SO hope to see him in concert! Josh Groban too! I have so many hopes and dreams and I just know they're going to all come true. Wonder where I'll be when I meet them? ;)

I had a grand time last night at my nephew's birthday party. I am really going to have to remember to carry a camera with me! These were taken with my phone - again. I apologize for the quality - again. It's a good thing I don't claim to be a photographer! LOL.

Since I went out last night, I got up at 4 a.m. this morning to begin work on a photo alteration for my latest client. Isn't that awesome? I am so blessed! This particular customer is my first internet client. I cannot wait to send her the final product. It's a picture of her son graduating from the University of South Africa, and I'm working really hard to make it absolutely perfect for her. AND, I'm enjoying every moment. :)

Anyway, at 4 a.m., it was cold here (32 degree F).  So I turned on my little floor heater. After awhile, I couldn't figure out why my legs were cold since I had the heater on. When I turned around to check it out, this is what I found...

Isn't she too funny? I ended up having to turn the heater off because she absolutely would not leave it and I was afraid her hair, as short as it is, was going to burn! I covered her up with 2 blankets and she seemed happy enough. You'd think we live in Alaska. LOL.

BTW, the picture of Nonni, the heater hog, was taken with my laptop. I was afraid if I moved to get the camera or my phone, she would abandon ship. As it turned out, I think my laptop takes better pics than my Android 4G! What do you think?

Well, my wonderful readers. I had best get back to work.  So far, since launching my business on January 15, I have completed projects for 5 clients and have 4 in queue. Not bad for my first 3-1/2 weeks! :)

Tomorrow I hope to take some nifty pix of some cool scenes along my route to work. Stay tuned!


  1. 32 degrees huh - you sure you're not in Ohio?

    So glad you're having so much fun and getting new clients! I love when things come together :)

  2. @ John - yes, she is very smart but I really do think she would have stayed in that spot until fire broke out. LOL.

  3. @ Maria - yep, that's why they say if you don't like the weather in TX, just wait a minute. ;)

    One of my clients found me through your website, Maria the Muse, so - thank you!!! :)

  4. not only a smart dog but really beautiful, makes me want to kiss that face. i did not know a laptop would take a photo, i will have to research that. congrats on your new business.

  5. Laptop takes photos through the webcam. Quick and easy :)

  6. I don't blame the dog - glad you intervened LOL.
    Laptop takes good pictures!

    Congrats on your first invoice and more coming!

    May God Bless!

  7. Are You A Bublé Girl?

    April 27, 2012
    The Ahoy
    Just go and enjoy.;-)
    Have a nice day, Patrick

  8. Oh, i forgot. Thank's to put this song in my head. Damn!Love it to.

  9. @ Sandra - Maria is right... webcam. Was the 1st time I tried it. I have a little pop-up that asks me what I want to do. I just clicked on the camera icon. If that wasn't there, I wouldn't have a clue what to do. :)

    And yes, Nonni is gorgeous! She takes my breath away sometimes. I wish I were better at capturing her beauty on film. And not to gross non-doggy lovers out but she also gets lots of hugs and kisses - as do all 3 of my furry babies. :)

  10. @ Ron - thank you! I am thrilled that you are following my blog!

    Since I have an international client now, I must get PayPal up and running to go along with those invoices. ;)

  11. @ Patrick - what are you trying to do, give me a heart attack?!? You, Buble' and a trip to the Netherlands?!? I wish! And almost passed out just thinking about it. See what you put in MY head? :)