Thursday, February 16, 2012

2/16/12 - Met My Hero

I met the coolest kitcat tonight. She was in the middle of dinner and wasn't too conversant, but she was very friendly and very pretty. I wished her a happy early birthday because she'll be 18 next week. To be so famous and have such star status, she was very gracious and I enjoyed my time with her.

She was also very kind and let her human take me out to dinner. It was such a treat to meet Glenn and be able to thank him in person for all that his Yahoo article and blog have done for me (see my 10/22/11 post).

We had a great time and no matter what he says, I do NOT have an accent. LOL.

And Glenn, hopefully next time we meet, I can park beside you in my own RV! Forget the curse - I'll be the exception - you'll see. ;)

You are a wonderful person and it was truly a pleasure sharing some Texas barbecue with you. I had a great time. HugZ to you and Miss Emily.


  1. Now i'm green with envy,i wanted so much to meet him,but didn't want to be a bother to him.You so lucky!

  2. Very cool! He's looking a little thin. I hope you stuffed him full of Texas BBQ. LOL!

  3. Debra

    Don't forget the obvious , maybe some guy needs a good looking and educated gal like yourself as a travel companion or wife ? In reference to your post of 2-13-2012

    There is no law that says you have to do everything 100% by yourself.. if you wanna live in RV on the road ? I think there are more single women then men in RV's, but heck you only need 1 guy.

  4. It's always great fun meeting other bloggers, and their pets!

  5. So glad you had a great time. Now if tonight goes as well....

    I'm pulling for ya :)

  6. Wow, two stars.i'm jealous not living in the USA to meet you and Glen and the marvelous miss Em.Thank's to sharing this great pic.Courage.You're on the good road.

  7. I just forgot to say thank you to let me know Jana Stanfield "If I Were Brave" Lot of thank's Debra!

  8. @ JB - Yes sir, I am very lucky, very blessed in many ways these days.

    @ Blacksheep - WAY cool! :)

    @ Don - I'm his friend, not his mother.

    @ Jerry - Seriously? I'm good dude. Seriously.

    @ Jim and Gayle - I totally agree. Hope to get to meet you guys on the open road one day. Love your blog.

    @ Maria - Chamber night went well too. Am about to blog about it as well.

    @ Patrick - I am definitely on the good road these days. I'm so glad you are enjoying Jana Stanfield! She is one of my favorite artists. I hope you check out some of her older albums as well. Great songs there too. :)