Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/20/12 - Theraflu, Writing & Spring


Well, I ushered in the first day of Spring with a carton of TheraFlu packages.  A huge thanks to my roommate for going to the store and getting it for me. I went to the doctor yesterday and got the prescribed Z-pack but couldn't afford the other 2 prescriptions. TheraFlu plus honey did the trick and I'll be going back to work tomorrow. Thank you Damian!


I was ecstatic that I felt well enough this afternoon to write. Well, not "write" exactly.  More like "copy, edit, polish."  I originally wrote the piece listed below in April of last year.  I was teaching 7th & 8th grade Science at the time and the Tohoku earthquake had just hit Japan in March, 2011.

It was recorded to be the most powerful earthquake ever to hit Japan and 1 of the 5 greatest ever recorded in the world (several of which have occurred only in the last few years).  The resulting tsunamis reached heights of 100+ feet. I researched it daily, gobbling up every tidbit I could so that I could take the facts to class, and bring the environmental science and the humanity issues up close and personal to a student body that initially felt remote and removed from the catastrophic event. I changed my lesson plans to coincide with this world phenomenon. It worked.

My students became engaged and attached. They were eager to learn about tectonic plates, geology, weather, etc., and were equally touched by the human factor. They came up with writing letters to Japan on their own. I was very proud of them.

I did not get to show this South Sanriku video to my students. It only surfaced recently.  A huge shoutout to John for sharing it with me.  It vividly captures all of the factors involved. Beware, it is shot in real time, when the tsunami hit. God bless Japan, a nation still struggling to rebuild.

Unfortunately, all of the research took its toll on me and I had nightmares for several weeks. This story is the result of one of the nightmares that stuck with me. I am, if nothing else, a diverse writer.  ;)  Please feel free to leave a comment after you read it.  Your input can only help my craft improve and I appreciate it - no matter what you have to say.


With the storms we've been having lately, and my sniffles and laryngitis, I clearly have not been able to get my furry babies out for our annual Spring flower picture, but here are a couple from last year.  Happy 1st day of Spring!


From us to you, wherever you may be.


  1. love the spring pup pics, notice i always comment first on pet pics. glad the meds worked so quickly, i have found today several bloggers with the same flu thing and a few friends here. stay safe and well.

    1. @ Sandra - still absolutely have no voice, but I feel much better.

    2. Hi Debbie or Debra which name do you prefer?
      I liked it and sorry to hear you weren't feeling well.

      Looking forward to reading the next one.

      Until later,

    3. @ DHAJ - Thank you! I am thrilled that you liked it! Have you read my other stories? I promise they are a lot lighter in content. Love you! Very much.

    4. @ DHAJ2 - Forgot to answer your question.... I grew up as "Debbie" but in college they call you by your given name and so I became "Debra" which of course is my real name. Then when I found out it was the name my Dad chose, I especially wanted to stick with it, so Debra it is. :) xoxoxo