Friday, March 30, 2012

3/29/12 - A&W Root Beer

Welcome to our newest wonderful reader!  Nicole Gould!  I met Nicole at CHSP and showed you some of her art (here).  Nicole, I am thrilled that you are following my blog.  That way I know we'll stay in touch.  :)  Let me know if you ever start your own blog and I'll update and post the information.  Welcome!


Well, I had some bad news this afternoon.  Dolly sold.  I knew she wouldn't sit on that lot long!  I hate to admit it, but I actually teared up.  Am I a silly girl or what?  ;)

I know God will provide my perfect starter RV, and that waiting for Him in His time and following His nods, can only bring me the one I'm meant to have.  Still, it hurt to learn that Dolly sold.  This may also sound silly, but I hope and pray she went to people that will love and take care of her.  And yes, I'm done now.  You don't have to log off to get away from my silliness.  LOL.  Bye Dolly!
Note:  I realize this post is a long one.  Sorry about that, but the truth is I have no idea how to shorten it.  There is nothing I want to leave out.  I can only hope that after you read it, you too will feel like it was worth it.  I'll say it again wonderful readers, "I am a very blessed woman."  Happy reading...
After regrouping, I did the only thing I know to do - the next right thing.  I concentrated on work and after work I came home and mowed my yard.  After that, I was going to walk my furry babies around the neighborhood before giving them a bath, but we had a surprise visitor - a HUGE male dog that fell in love with Nonni.  He turned out to be a neighbor's dog and had climbed their gate.  Nonni didn't want anything to do with this big guy however and it was getting ugly, fast.

It was a struggle keeping them separated even with mine on leash!  I somehow managed to get my own dogs back into our yard while holding the big guy's collar with 2 hands so he wouldn't follow right in behind them!  Man he was determined.

The owners weren't home so it took me awhile to get him back in their yard and get him secured.  By then I no longer felt like walking the neighborhood so I packed the babies up (their nerves were frazzled too), and I headed for our home away from home - CHSP.  Surprises and blessings abound in that park.

Wonderful readers, you know that I am Living In Grace (not religion), and I write all the time about how grateful I am for the many blessings God continuously gives me.  Tonight was no different.

For example, I will be camping at CHSP all next weekend (Th-S).  So, before walking the dogs, I drove the park scoping out sites.  The ranger at the gate recommended I choose at least 10 sites because "people usually don't get their 1st few prime choices."  I only drove through 2 camps and came up with at least 12 great sites that I would thoroughly enjoy calling home for a few days!  There are still 2 more camping areas I can drive through to choose even more!  I'm thrilled!

While cruising sites, I saw a lot of people that I would have loved to stop and talk to.  I even saw 3 solo women camping!  That almost never happens.  One of them had a rig that gives me hope.  Since losing Dolly and coming to the realization that financing is not available, I'm starting to think maybe a trailer with a van or truck is the way to go.  Again, I'm open for whatever the Universe and God has in store for me.  Bring it on.  :)

The lady driving the setup that inspired me also had 2 dogs!  Hmmmm.... I didn't have the nerve (or want to impose) enough to ask her if she also had a cat.  Ha!  I also wondered if she was a fulltimer or weekender.  Hmmmm.... the things inquiring minds want to know.  Instead of imposing, I stopped in the middle of the road, hung out my car window, and took several pictures with my phone.  All of which probably had her wondering if she should call the Park Office.  Poor thing.  Hmmmm.... Glad I didn't impose!  But isn't her trailer just too darn cute!?!

Then I rounded the corner and saw a couple sitting outside their RV enjoying yet another painting by God of a gorgeous sunset.

I asked if they were fulltimers and the kind gentleman explained that they are local and come to CHSP as often as they can.  Like-hearted folk.  I instantly liked them.  He and his wife are a lovely couple.

All of this took place on a road I had never been on before.  How had I missed it?  It's not marked or named, but still, I have been to CHSP enough that I should know every inch of it by now.  I personally think it was a God thing, and you'll see why.

I walked Nonni and Bentley from one end to the other and we got back to the car just as it was getting dark.  Here's the kicker.... I was getting strong God nods to stop at the RV on my way out and give my card to the sweet couple.  Seriously?  I commenced arguing with God....
They don't need my card.  What are they going to do with it anyway?  Why would they want to get to know me?  They're going to think I'm strange, or at the very least rude for interrupting them again.  Blah, blah, blah, and blah.

The God nod only got stronger so I gave in and reluctantly pulled into the space next to them.  As I walked up I heard them singing.  It was beautiful harmony, angelic.  It stopped me in my tracks.  You see, my Dad and Mother used to sing harmony like that.  My Dad was an incredible pianist too.  He taught himself how to play and from an early age, he could hear just about any song and turn right around and play it note for note.  Music was his life, especially hymns.  I miss his voice.  I miss him.  Hearing that same sound from this incredible couple, rendered me speechless.  And motionless.  For a moment, I just stood there.

The guy didn't miss a beat.  He immediately stood up and offered me his chair.  His chair!  They are sitting there, hand in hand, privately enjoying a sunset and singing.  Then without hesitation he beckons me to join them.  Every bit the gentleman.  Again, just like my Dad.  He stole my heart.

I didn't take the chair.  I only intended to stay for a moment.  He sat back down and I pulled out my card.  It was then that I realized I had no clue what to say.  Why was I giving them my card?  They would think I was peculiar, at best, if I tried to explain my whole God nod scenario.  I opened my mouth and what came out surprised even me.
I just wanted to stop by before leaving and introduce myself. (I still had no clue what to say but I continued.)  Here's my card.... I thought maybe if you knew others that might have an older RV like this and were wanting to sell that you could pass my information on to them.
All I could think was, "Where did that come from?" But it started a wonderful dialogue of Grace and God.  We talked about them singing and my Dad and his music and his church.  Get this!  They know my Dad's pastor.  Small world.  They talked about their church and missionary travels.  The husband told me a story about how they had followed a God nod one time early in their marriage.  It seemed strange to them at the time, but it led them to their perfect vehicle and it fit their budget at the time.  Then he offered a prayer that I find my most perfect RV.  A prayer!  For me!  A complete stranger.  Right there, lake side, with that beautiful sunset as the backdrop.

The prayer was short, sweet, subdued and loving.

My Dad would pray with me like that from time to time, especially when he was worried about me.  For a moment, I felt Dad's enormous love and bear hug.  I'm not sure how you feel about this wonderful readers, but my life has changed so dramatically and my faith has grown so drastically since Dad died that I can't help but believe he is working with God and has a hand in all this.

I thoroughly enjoyed the visit with this couple.  Out of respect for their request to remain anonymous, I am not posting their picture or sharing their name, but she told me to think of A&W Root Beer so I would never forget their names.  She's A and he's W.  A&W, I think it's safe to say that I will never forget you.  Period.

Jana Stanfield is one of my favorite song artists.  She says...

Coincidence is God remaining anonymous.
Serendipity is God revealing Himself.
Synchronicity is God showing off.

I close tonight with one of Dad's favorite sayings and a video of my Dad and his last time at the piano.  He died of brain cancer less than 4 weeks after I recorded this.

God is good.  All the time.


  1. Hi Debra. This post was realy long to read...for me.But i read it with lot of pleasure.
    Teared up? For an old RV? Lol.Just a van.
    I read lot of RV'ers blogs, in the states and in europe.Lot of fulltimers began with cheap or small rv's.And grow up.It's simplifying and downsizing, the rule.
    Don't forget, no one rv is perfect.It's not a question of money.I also was dreaming about "Dolly" the nice and big rv. But here, in Europe, this poor Dolly have no chance to survive. To small roads.
    So, forget it and remember what's happening this fabulous day. A prayer just for you.And a song, also for you.And souvenirs and thinking about your dad. What a moment.
    Just enjoy it. And thank's god for this beautifull day you have.
    Thank's to let me hear your dad singing. He was singin for the persons he loved.
    I remember a few sentences from two prayers...
    Life is so unpredictable.
    I do not have a God who made ​​me discover your blog.
    Be patient and do not rush events.
    Tonight I will recite a few sentences for you.
    Have a nice dream. Piouk and Patrick

    1. @ Patrick - thank you my wonderful, sweet buddy from Belgium. I appreciate your sentiments more than words can say. Love, hugZ, and many, MANY blessings, Debra

  2. You have written many,many excellant blogs,this one really very touching. And you never know where that God nod may lead! Bless YOU!

    1. @ Joe - thank you my dear friend. God bless you too. xxo, D