Saturday, March 31, 2012

3/31/12 - Reply to Anonymous

@ Anonymous – I am so glad that you enjoy my blog.  What a huge compliment and honor!  It has certainly been an answer to prayer and I’m glad you’re here.  Welcome!

Thank you too for your kind expressions regarding Dad (and Dolly).  I wish you could have known him.  He was a wonderful man with a huge testimony and sweet spirit.  As a writer, I believe written words carry emotion.  Your comment emits the same gentle soul he had.

With humor, I must say that I’m glad you didn’t close your comment with “WINNING!”  I wouldn’t have been able to think of you as anyone else but Charlie Sheen.  LOL.

In my former life, I would have responded to your “purchase” questions with information such as my point ceiling and maximum rate, preferred terms and life of the loan, and I probably would have eventually haggled over contract verbiage, etc., but God has a way of bringing things down to base issues.  Doesn’t He?  On top of that, as the old saying goes, beggars can’t be choosers.  :)

I must also say that in our skeptical world most people would be leery of your comment.  I am not.  Mainly because God is large and in charge of all this, not me.  I am just the porter, suiting up and showing up on a daily basis, putting one foot in front of the other and doing the next right thing minute by minute.  God may provide through you.  He may not.  Regardless, I will be okay.  I don’t know how I know that.  I just do.  It's important you know that too.

Also, even if you choose not to help at all, I will forever appreciate the sweet sentiment - especially your reference to my furry family members.  That really touched my heart.

So here you go....

Q1 – “what size of RV or trailer you would need”
In my previous post I said in all honesty that, “I will take ANY size trailer or motorhome as long as it is in working condition and has good a/c.  I can live with and recondition anything else.”  So, and I don’t mean this to be flippant in any way, it needs to be bigger than a breadbox, smaller than a 747 – it really doesn’t matter.  Excellent a/c for my animals is my only requirement and is paramount.

Note: I originally was thinking it had to be big and open, but it’s amazing how priorities can change.  Plus, I’ve actually met some people with animals in smaller RVs and I get the “how to” now.  ;)

FYI - I am approved for parking but do not want to disclose that location on the internet.  If I get a trailer, my brother/nephew has the necessary vehicle to haul it to the park for me.  Then it will remain parked for another year or so until I can actually get a vehicle that will tow it.  However, if I get a motorhome, I will probably take it out to nearby lakes and parks (appx. once a month or so).  Both options are good.

Q2 – “approx. how much you could afford on a monthly basis for it”

I would like to keep my payments down around $300 ($400 max).  My only request on financing is no prepayment penalty.  Other than 2 minor short-term payments, I have no other debt.  So, when I am stabilized, my sole concentration will be to pay off the RV and I really don’t want to have to pay a penalty or lump sum interest for early payoff.  That being said, I will take what I can get and be immensely grateful and ecstatically happy.

It will all work out, no matter.  I want you and the rest of my wonderful readers to know that I spent time today researching and looking for an apartment – just in case.  There are only 6 complexes that will accept dogs, are near where I work, and are within my price range.

One is a low income community and by definition I thought I should qualify, but according to them, I make too much.  Go figure! LOL.  Another wouldn’t even talk to me once I told them I had lost my house (and that thing is still lost, grin).   It didn’t matter that I have lived at my current residence for 2 years, have an impeccable record with my landlord AND he’s willing to give me a reference letter.  They wouldn’t even discuss it.  I was devastated.

I work hard, am a good employee and am willing to do whatever I need to do to be self-sufficient.  It is mortifying to know just how close to street living I am.  Something is wrong with this picture.  America needs help.  And prayer.

On the bright side – I have an appointment Monday evening to look at an apartment.  It is 480 sq. feet and I'm not approved yet (they said they’ll have to run my application before they can make a determination) but it's something so we shall see.  They also have to meet Nonni before approving my app.  That I'm not worried about since she's such a sweetheart.  It's just that I'm a little weary at this point.  The other 3 offices were already closed.

Well, I think that’s enough for one day.  I’m going to take the babies for a long, slow walk and then come back and finish a project for a client.  Life is good.  Manana wonderful readers!

God is good.  All the time.


  1. ..spring is the start of new beginnings..I wish you, the dogs and the cat lot of courage. Don't give up.Yesterday i say this sentences i remember from a prayer. Notre Père, qui es aux Cieux,
    Que ton nom soit sanctifié,
    Que ton règne vienne,
    Que ta volonté soit faite
    Sur la terre comme au ciel.
    I'm sure it's not necessary to translate.Today maybe an marvelous anonymous reader can help you and your family.You're in my mind. Piouk and Patrick.Be strong.

    1. @ Patrick - This is one of my favorite prayers and songs! Thank you very much. xxo, D

  2. good luck with your hunt. will be waiting for updates.