Thursday, March 8, 2012

3/8/12 – RV Variety

One of my long-term friends, Tracy, is one of the most exotic people I know. She is an artist and travels the world. In support of my dream, she routinely sends me photos of unusual RVs. Tracy, I love you! You are awesome girlfriend!

Tracy and HER version of a house kitty.

Tracy and Mother Theresa
Here’s the most recent picture she sent me of a most unusual RV.
And (here) is the story of how a guy, one! guy, built it.
It turns out there was a vintage trailer show in Palm Springs last week, only $10 admission. Wouldn’t that have been a blast!?! I wish I had a picture to show you of Tracy and I the last time we were in Palm Springs together, with our now ex-husbands. Now, THAT would be vintage!

I'm pretty sure the RV I end up with won’t look anything like the picture above, but I love looking and learning about new things. So, I researched the show and this picture to the nth degree and it  led me to some interesting finds.

Did you know there are camping weddings? Check out the pictures (here).

And there’s even RV Jewelry. Who woulda thunk it? Isn't it adorable?

Their blog led me to FB which led me to an RV FB page (here).

That led me to this hilarious, insightful story I think you will enjoy: 5 Road Tested Tips.

And all of that was fun, but I swear if I don’t get an RV soon, I’ll settle for living in this:


  1. don't forget rain gear when you move in the last one. LOL... i love the wild and weird one and think it is really cool.

    1. @ Sandra - rain gear... now THAT'S funny! :) Isn't that rig great?!? I especially love the upper deck that seats 5 AND a driver. WOW. Genius mechanics.

  2. I finally got a chance to check out all these links. Cool stuff and I love the 5 tested road trips. I can imagine what stories we'll have our first few times out :)

    Let me know how your field trip this evening goes!

    1. @ Maria - will update blog in just a few - stay tuned! :)

  3. Your friend sounds like she has a very interesting life. Very cool RV too

    1. @ Ann - she is interesting AND has an interesting life with a heart the size of Dallas (or bigger), LOL. Isn't that RV way cool? Cracks me up! :)