Friday, March 9, 2012

3/9/12 - Dreaming Big

Welcome to our newest wonderful reader, Kristiana Spaulding.  Her profile states that she is an airstreaming designer of interiors and jewelry.  She says these classic icons are inspiration for her line of jewelry and custom furniture. You can see more of her work at and  Her blog is Silver Trailer News.   In fact, it was her wonderful pendant I featured on my last blog. Welcome Kristiana!  What a great surprise to see you here! I love your work.

I've been looking at RVs this week. It all started when a good friend told me her sister was getting rid of the one that used to belong to their Dad. I know this family and they take good care of their things so I began to get very excited!  It was a 1993 31' Highlander Scotty with only 12,000 miles!

I know this will sound crazy but the first thing I noticed was the blue striping. Of all the color schemes for older models, blue would be my preference. The interior was immaculate, well cared for - just as I expected, and the price was right. So, why did I come home crushed?

It wasn't THE one. If it was just me, and no furry babies, it would have been perfect and I would have jumped on the deal in a second. But they are four-legged family and I love them. It made me VERY sad but after much deliberation and consternation, I decided I cannot split up the family - no matter how good the deal is. So, I realized I had to say thanks but no thanks.

It wasn't just the animules that stopped me either.  I was conflicted from the get go.  I can't explain why.  I just was. After seeing the RV and doing a preliminary inspection, I thanked my friends and returned home to pray about it.  I don't know a lot, but one of the things I do know is that God's way is always better than my way.  Even after prayer, and realizing I needed to pass on this opportunity, I still felt distressed. The other thing of which I'm certain is that in God's way there is always Peace. I had anything but Peace!  I couldn't even relax enough to go to sleep!

I was willing to let the RV go, so what was the deal?

It was late, and the only person I knew that was up that late (that would take my call anyway, LOL) was my blogger friend, Maria. True to fixer-friend form, she immediately said something along the lines of "Well, that one is not for you. It didn't work. So let's find one that will." We both fired up our computers and she started asking me questions about what I wanted on my RV. The search began.

Now, I should interject here that I've been looking at Craig's list almost daily, and I routinely drive through RV parks, check the want ads and even visit dealer lots, but this was the 1st time I was willing to look at just the rigs that have the features I really want.  In past searches and reviews, I looked at everything. Too afraid to pass up anything, for fear it might be THE one. But the experience with my friend's RV taught me a lesson and helped me narrow it down to the finest of details on what I really want. God knew what he was doing after all. Imagine that?!? LOL.

What we came up with made me realize, for starters, that no matter how practical, a Class B or even a Class C will not work for me. I 'kinda' knew that, but was never really ready to admit it. I have a lot of people in my life that I love and respect and they keep telling me a 21' or a 24' is plenty. So I kept the notion of a Class B or a Class C alive.

Truth is, there are some pretty big honkin' Class C's out there but it's the open interior configuration I want, complete with sliders, and walls of windows. There are many other features on my list as well, but as far as the coach itself, Class A it will be. Final Answer.

By the time we entered all the variables, we found my PERFECT home!  If there has ever been anything resembling virtual love at first sight, this was it.  I went to bed and slept like a baby. Blissful peace returned, and hope renewed.

I went to see the temptress today and will give you the details in my next post. Tee hee hee....


  1. Kudos to you for standing firm in your conviction! Don't worry, it will come swimming in soon :)

    1. @ Maria - I hope so. We shall see. Thank you for the support!

  2. i understand all you said here, but clarify one thing for me, is the one you looked at because it is not big enough for the fur-babies? i don't know a class a from a b or c, so that doesn't help. is it size you are looking for? i do agree with both of you, THE one will come along

    1. @ Sandra - oops, my bad. I'm glad you asked! It wasn't just the size - a 31' foot is WAY big, in any class. But since it was a Class C, I decided it was too confining for me and the babies. I suppose, to be exact, Nonni was the real issue. God love her pea-pickin' lil' heart. :)

      Class A homes are typically more open. They have the open cabin (driving area) whereas the class C is similar to a regular vehicle with an over the cab bed or storage (like the one in this picture). Class B homes are similar to vans.

      Sliders can be found in the Class C models but aren't as common as they are in Class A models. To me, the floor plan of Class A's are usually more open and have more windows - something that is very important to me. <-- That statement may or may not be true statistically, but it sure seems (feels) that way to me.

      So, bottom line - for me, is that it's not just about size (although in this case it does matter, LOL), it's also about the openness and larger windows. It took me awhile to figure that out.

      Sorry for the long answer. I hope this helps clarify the differences. HugZ!

  3. well I'm sure you will know the right one when it comes along. It will show itself to you at just the right time :)

    1. @ Ann - I bet we just about crossed in cyberspace. I found it (her), and just published the post. Let me know what you think! :)