Friday, April 20, 2012

4/20/12 - Painful

Well let's start with something exciting and certainly not painful.  Welcome to our newest wonderful reader!  His name is David Carlson.  David doesn't have a profile so I have no other information, but welcome David!  We're glad you're here.

As you know, I've been preparing for my move and sorting, packing, pricing, staging for a massive garage/moving sale I'm having tomorrow.  That means 6-8 hours of work each night at home after a full days work at the office.  My muscles make no bones about letting me know how painful this has been for them.  Once I get settled in the new place, it is definitely time to incorporate a workout ritual.  My goal is to have a buff body by July 14, 2013, for my 55th birthday.  There it is - in writing.  And so it is.  ;)

The other painful thing has been the process of going through the boxes stored in my garage.  It is my bad, my fault, for having to do in a two-week period what I should have been doing over the last two years.  It is boxes of "stuff" that remind me of lives I used to have.  I haven't wanted to face going through them.  Tackling this gargantuan task has been agonizing yet cathartic, somewhat.  Not really; Yet.  I'm sure it will be, but right now it hurts to see the following:
My mortgage papers, paperwork for my former foster son, teaching materials, medical paperwork, divorce papers, employment archives, treasured momentos, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc....
And, like it or not, it has been surprising to me to realize that it is a bit painful to see all of my things go out the door one-by-one, especially my bird feeders and pole systems.  My backyard birds have not been very happy either.  They squawk at me every night in complaint.  I will miss having feathered friends to watch and songbirds to hear.  There are not any where I am moving to nor do I think they can be enticed to visit there.  :(

It helps that all of my birding inventory went to my niece and nephew.  It helps too that my wonderful friend Carolyn bought my china and will use it for her start-up stock in her store one day.  It was also wonderful to see my china cabinet go to a young newlywed couple that were ecstatic "to have something so pretty to put their wedding china in."  When the groom came to pick it up, it was adorable to watch the extra efforts he made "to make sure nothing happened to his bride's new hutch."  Adorable.

And it has been a blessing to reconnect with former high school classmates - Sharon Dooley, Cindy Griffin and Leann Reed.  Sharon and I were very close in high school and lost touch over the years.  It was so great to see her.  I will share a picture soon of us in our teens.  I look forward to getting to know her again.  Her son came to help load the washer and dryer that Cindy bought.  You done did good there, Sharon!  :)  Cameron is an awesome young man and handsome too.  My apologies wonderful readers, I didn't think to get current day pictures for you while we were all together.  :(

Another positive aspect of going through all these stupid boxes is that it has been a little like Christmas.  For example, I ran across the infamous bumper sticker from my very 1st blog entry:

At least I'm moving in the right direction for this exploration to be in an RV one day, and not my garage!


  1. sorry you are struggling with the past, and hope this is all over for you soon and wish you the best things in life at your new address and making new friends

  2. ditto what Sandra said. :) Big hugs to you to help get you through all the painful stuff

  3. I've done that a few times and I'm sure I'll do it a few more. Yes some of it is painful but other stuff brings a smile to your face and still other stuff like that bumper sticker is worth keeping out for the present and future.

    Here's wishing you lots of success and $$$ in your garage sale!

  4. Just thinking about that made me sad...I went thru SO much stuff after losing Michelle---some made me smile though---she had kept EVERY card, EVERY letter, I had given her in 38 years!! Some was heart breaking too---but will keep that part out of this....hang in there and get it done and over'll be OK! I have every confidence in you!

  5. I really don't know how to adequately thank you guys. I''m probably going to pull an all-nighter getting ready for tomorrow. I stopped to take a quick break and it means the world to me to see your well wishes. As always, your kind words keep me going. I'll carry you with me thru the wee hours of the morning & thru the hectic day tomorrow. I'm looking forward to literally & figuratively letting go of it all. Love, hugZ & blessings!

  6. I am doing the same thing right now.I'll pray for you & you pray for me. then we will both get through it together.

  7. Just remember it is all "thongs" and the special things you can capture oin a picture if the thing is too big or heavy to take along in you RV. Just a thought!