Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5/1/12 - My Weekend in the New Apartment

Hello wonderful readers.  I will be back on track soon but for now, just to get something posted and give you an update, I am sharing an email I sent to the manager at my apartment.  It should give you an idea of what I have come to call, "the move from hell."

On the positive side - I owe my 3 nephews BIG time.  My sister brought them to my old place Saturday morning at 10A and we finished at 11:30P!!  They never missed a beat and were real troopers.  We had breakfast and then they didn't get to eat again until 7:30P because we had a deadline on the U-Haul.  I felt as though I officially gained entry into the Beverly Hillbillies clan, but the guys never lost their sense of humor and were a delight to be around all day.  I'm not so sure they could say the same about me.  I love them so.

Another positive - the apartment manager called me yesterday.  She is taking care of all the issues listed below.  They are a responsive team in that office and as I've said before, they only took over 3 months ago and I have a lot of faith in them.

I hope to get internet access today and will post more later, including pictures.  ITM, here's a copy of my email.  Please keep in mind that I had 3 parameters for moving: 1) something I could afford on my own, 2) a place that would take Nonni & Bentley with a deposit I could afford, and 3) close to work.  It's hard to believe I used to travel in private planes and vacation on yachts.
I want to share some things with you that happened over the weekend.  Please know I remain positive about living here and am hopeful these things are temporary and can be worked out.  Thanks for all you do!
First of all, I appreciate maintenance putting plywood up so quickly on my busted out window... especially since it rained shortly afterward.  Thank you!
I appreciate too the extra effort made in helping me combat the roach infestation of my apartment, but you should know that just during a short span this morning while getting ready for work I killed 16 live roaches.  16!   They are everwhere!  Please make sure they spread bait on Thursday and not just spray.  Please.  This really grosses me out.  When they need in, call me and I will come take care of the dogs.  I can be there in 5 minutes. 
I will be glad to contribute to paying for someone to power-wash the foyer. Can we work that out?  It is covered with melted hard candies, ice cream, and gel-like material.  Cleaning it up will go a long way to helping with the roaches but it also doesn't help that my neighbor keeps putting half-eaten food outside her door.  She left food and trash outside her door all weekend.
I told you about being approached for money to wash my car... then on Saturday night, while still in the process of moving in, I came back from making a load to find that someone had spilled beer all over my front doorway and bench.  It was dripping through from the stairs.
Also Saturday night there was a hooker working the parking lot.  She approached my nephew!  Since we were moving, I did not take time to call the police.  Plus I don't feel like I should be the one that has to constantly report such incidents.  Shouldn't your on-site security be taking care of such things?
Then, as you know, my bedroom window was broken yesterday.  It really scared me at first but it turned out to be an accident and Juan was very nice.  I also met 2 other neighbors that have been extremely nice.  However, I was very disturbed to find out from them that a drug dealer used to live in my apartment and the front door looks like it has hail damage but it is actually damage from bullet holes.  How long ago was that?
Since people keep parking in my space I need the number for the tow service please.
All in all, not a very good welcome to the neighborhood.  I'm just sayin'.


  1. oh noooooooo. i am so sorry to hear this. did you sign a lease? i am speechless, i dont even know what to say to you. the roaches are the least of the things they can be battled but the other things like the beer dripping that means the other tenants are not good neighbors. please keep us posted.

  2. O.M.G...Does not sound like a good living enviroment but,your moved,healthy and alive! Hoping and praying it get's better.

  3. Courage Debra! Try to make all your possible to leave quickly this place.

  4. Oh my, not off to such a great start. I hope the management is on top of things and will take care of all the issues quickly. How scary to discover bullet holes in your front door.

  5. OMG! Debra, you & your babies are in my prayers.
    May things turn around there quick! :^(

  6. Just take one day at a time , and keep your goal in sight, no detours, that RV should be in your near future and then you will be in your home where the address changes daily if you want it to or stay the same if you are happy with it. Just sayin'