Saturday, May 26, 2012

5/26/2012 - Dog Timeline

I promise that I won't always, forever and a day, infinitum, blog about my furbabies and our new apartment.  I promise.  But today, I am going to use pictures of my day with Nonni and Bentley as a timeline.

As I got ready for the day and came back into the bedroom, this is what I found.  So typical for these two!  LOL.

Nonni likes her blankie and Bentley likes his toys.  I think he managed to get every single one of them out of the toy box!  Then was acting like, "Who me?  I didn't do it."

I slept in a little later than I wanted to but we hurried to our newest find, the Arlington Tails 'N Trails Dog Park.  This place is fantastic!  It's 7 miles from home which breaks my new 5 mile boundary, but it is worth it.  It has wooded trails, open fields, and a 7' fence around the entire perimeter.  All 3 of us were in heaven.  Nonni and Bentley especially love being off leash.

Sandra and Ann, here's my attempt at a photograph of the day, just for you (the attempt, that is, not the content - grin).  Can you believe how huge this web is?  Note Nonni and the butterfly for scale.

If you click on the picture, can you see the spider?

So the day was going really well until Bentley found a mud hole and then promptly ran through the bushes.  LOL.  He enjoyed it so much I didn't even mind the extra two hours it took out of my day to start the grooming process.  I will shave him tomorrow morning.  Here they are waiting for me to finish covering the back seat before muddy bottoms there can get in.  Aren't they such good puppies?  :)

The social sabbatical commitment hasn't gone over too well with some.  So far, with only a few missteps, I've held my ground but it hasn't been easy and I've almost caved once or twice.  For example, I almost had a panic attack this afternoon because I realized that I had to call some people back and say the dreaded word, "No"  and retract some commitments I had made.  And it's only day 2!

A friend helped me get the courage to make that phone call though and I immediately felt better.  I also keep reading wonderful fulltimer blogs such as RV Sue's and Susan's Spot for inspiration.  I also had 3 friends and a relative call or text me today to offer encouragement.  I have a lot of support, and I really appreciate it.

This evening when I took the dogs for their walk, we met up with Quinton.  He is one of the neighborhood kids and he absolutely loves Nonni.  He is fascinated by her ridge and he's always telling the other kids all about it.  He told me he even looked it up at school.  How cool is that?

Uncharacteristically, Quinton got off his bike and sat down to pet the dogs.  Until today he's always been a little timid about touch yet he would ride his bike with us for the entire walk and ask all kinds of questions.  It was great to see him petting them so I took a picture and will give him a copy next time we see him.

Then we rounded the corner at the end of the street and saw this.  All in all, a pretty good day.  I hope you and yours had a great one too.  HugZ!


  1. What beautiful pictures! And you sure are making some friends there. I'm sure you'll have a positive influence on some young lives.

    1. @ Maria - glad you like the pics! There are some pretty awesome kids around here, that's for sure.

  2. I love Bentley's trail of toys. Pretty incriminating
    I think you did great for your photograph of the day. That sure is some web.
    How sweet that Quinton is so taken with Nonni and Bentley. It looks like they enjoy his company too.

    1. @ Ann - yeah, I don't think there is a jury in the world that wouldn't hand down the guilty verdict. LOL. That spider web picture is going in the archives for when I have time to learn how to ANNshop it. ;) Nonni and Bentley's tails wag every time they see Quinton - not unusual for Bentley, but remarkable for Nonni. Makes my heart sing. :)

  3. jake is like Bentley, trail of toys all over the house plus he drags old shoes all over the house. baby had her blankets and that is all she needs or wants. love the pic of Q and your fur babies. they are all 3 beautiful and what a perfect end to a perfect day. mud and all, a great day. hang in there and Just Say No

    1. @ Sandra - oh, that is so funny. At the duplex, Bentley would take one of my shoes outside almost every day. He never chewed on it, but would just pick one at random and take it to the yard. I never figured it out but it sure seemed important to him. LOL. Yes, a good day and I'm already getting better at saying NO. We'll see. Thanks for the support!