Sunday, May 27, 2012

5/27/12 - NO Way

I shared a picture of Bentley all hairy and dirty so it seemed only fair that I show you one of him clean and groomed.  :)

I could get used to this NO thing.  What a fantastic day we had!  You can tell that because you're getting a 2nd post today!  :)

On top of it all, I went to the local dog park this evening (pic below) and met Sue, a CHSP park host!  My wonderful readers know that CHSP has been my haven in heaven for quite awhile now.  What a treat it was to meet Sue and have the opportunity to visit with her!  I almost didn't recognize her out of uniform.  LOL.

She works 24 hours/week for FHU.  CHSP does not offer wages.  She was as shocked as I was just a few days ago to learn that there are places that offer FHU AND wages.  Wow, as soon as I get an RV I am so out of here.  Anyway, we exchanged phone numbers.  I hope to get to know her and her 3 dogs better, but will remain true to my 6 month social sabbatical NMW.  It's a must.

Today was a maintenance day.  One of the many things I accomplished was to catch up on mail, pay bills and turn in change of address notices.  It took me 3 hours but it felt so good to get it off my plate.  And since I found the courage to say no to other commitments, it also feels really good to know that I can continue doing what I need to tomorrow.

If all goes well, I may even get in a few hours of writing!  We shall see.  My deadline for getting caught up on all the maintenance issues so that I have time for writing is June 1.  After that, proof will be in the pudding (another Great Grandma saying).  Where did she come up with that stuff?

Oh yeah, I also created a spreadsheet to track my time and $s.  I am completely committed to this 6 month sabbatical and turning my life around.  And yes, you have panoptic permission to laugh incessantly at my methodology.  Sorry, it's just the way my brain works.  It's the project manager coming out in me.  This is a project and I'm going to manage it.  The laughing may commence.

Here's a snapshot of the main categories for the last 48 hours:
Sleep - 16.50, General - 5, Spiritual - 1.75, Pet Grooming - 4, Pet Exercise - 3.25, My Blog - 3.75, Others, 3.5, EMail & FB - 1.75, Family & Friends - 1.5, Household Maintenance - 3.25, Financial Maintenance - 3, Drive Time - .75

Yes, I realize it's skewed and off balance.  Yes, I realize it does not include time for writing.  YET.  And NO, I'm not worried.  It's only day 2!  :)


  1. When you make up your mind you jump right in with both feet! I'm so proud of you... talk to you in 6 months :P

  2. i am so mad, i types about 3 paragraphs and hit the space bar and the browser closed and it all went away. phooey. now my brain can't remember what i wrote. seriously, it is all gone. i do remember i said thanks for permission to laugh, because I WAS already laughing. seriously, a spread sheet? LOL. it would take me a week just to create one.

    1. @ Sandra - I hate that when that happens. Gotta love the internet. Glad I gave you a laugh beforehand tho. Yes, I know. Silly me. Can't help myself. The good news is that I "excel" at things like (ha-ha), so it's easy for me to do. Hence, the "All Things Admin" tab. :)

  3. You are so organized even keeping track of all your hours spent on each thing. I'm impressed. It sounds like you are off to a good start

    1. @ Ann - yes, I am very organized... sometimes to the point of distraction. I have to laugh at myself and say, "Self!"... sometimes repeatedly before I can let things go - literally and figuratively. :)