Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5/29/12 - Family and Friends

WELCOME to our newest wonderful readers!  Susan Johnson joins us from Truckee, CA.  Glad you're here Susan!  And Judie Seeders signed up as well.  That is awesome.  Thanks ladies!  If you update your information or want your blog listed here, just let me know.  Again - Welcome, and HugZ!

Well, with few exceptions, I've pretty much told everyone about my decision to take a 6-month social sabbatical and dedicate the time to writing and getting my life in order.  The reactions have been...  interesting.

1)  Regarding my desire to be a fulltimer and even boondock - "You might as well give that up.  It doesn't work like you seem to think it does.  You can't live like that fulltime."

2)  When I mentioned in a similar conversation with someone else that I don't get lonely and would be perfectly fine boondocking in the wilderness with few to no people around - "You can't do that.  We were made to be with people and need each other.  It's unnatural otherwise.  You have to have people."

3)  Discussions about my sabbatical - "Isolating that long would make me depressed."  "I don't get it but do what makes you happy."  "Why make the announcement?  Why not just do it?"

There is merit to each - except the boondocking not being feasible.  Thousands do it quite well every day.  Some of you are even reading this and nodding your head in agreement.  My hats off to you for already being out there.  Kudos!  :)

I'm not saying I don't want anything to do with people.  I just don't need the level of social interaction that others seem to require.  My sabbatical as I have defined it will suit me just fine.  I am willing to meet with someone for a meal, once a week, for a couple of hours within 5 miles of my home.  The necessities of life put me in plenty of contact with people.  Too much actually.  I wish I were able to shave at least half of those obligations off so I could isolate and write even more.

I can't quit work.  I have to take the dogs out several times a day.  Grocery shopping, doing laundry, and other such errands are necessary.  The only thing I have that I can cut out of my life to stop the noise and isolate are my social interactions.  Until I can live and travel fulltime in an RV, this is the only option and it's the only chance I have of making it work.  For me.

I don't know what will happen over this time period.  I may get mental or depressed, but I don't think so.  In fact, I may be happier than I ever have been.  Time will tell.

Why make the announcement?  That was a great question.  I had to chew on it for awhile to come up with an answer.  I made the announcement and told those close to me (and the world wide web, grin) because I want and need support.  I need for my sabbatical to be honored and I hope that  pressure won't be put on me to break it.

And quite frankly, it's scary jumping off a cliff like this and I'm battling enough with the naysayers in my head without having to battle others too.  I'm kind of hoping that the announcement will alleviate some of those battles.

All I know is I have to try.  June 1 is getting close.  That's the official launch date and my NO's and commitment will be ironclad.  By then, hopefully, I will be the only person left to do battle with and that's the scariest scenario of all!

The following is an excerpt from UCA's Daily Word for 5/28:

Today I take the opportunity to tell my loved ones how much they mean to me. I give thanks for the many ways in which they have blessed and enriched my life. I seek ways to honor them.

Many people I may have never personally met have also helped make my life better. Public servants, service providers and others who work behind the scenes, all contribute to my life in significant ways. Today I also say a prayer of gratitude for the work they do and the ways in which they serve.

I do not cease to give thanks for you as I remember you in my prayers.—Ephesians 1:16
With gratitude, I bring you to heart and mind.  You are a gift from God.
When I look back on the times I shared with friends and family, I know our bonds cannot be broken.  Through laughter and tears, good times and bad, we have created indelible memories.
Today I take the opportunity to tell my loved ones how much they mean to me.  I give thanks for the many ways in which they have blessed and enriched my life.  I seek ways to honor them.

I do not cease to give thanks for you as I remember you in my prayers.
--Ephesians 1:16


  1. Well, obviously the people who had these reactions in #1 and #2 above are just ignorant!! They probably think that you have to live in a house or apartment your whole life, paying mortgage or rent, insurance, property taxes, mow the grass and shovel the snow just to fit in and be happy!! Ignorant people really piss me off!!

    DON'T LET THE NAYSAYERS KILL YOUR DREAM!! You and I both know it CAN be done!! We both have friends doing it EVERY day!! Glenn and Wayne and Boonie and Randy and RVSue, likely would take as much offense at these peoples ignorance as I do!

    When you get the book I sent, you'll see, and KNOW, IT CAN BE DONE!! And you WILL do it!

    1. @ John - I really appreciate the support and I know what you're saying but I think "ignorance" might be the operable word. And that just means they lack information. Time and knowledge can take care of that. And I probably need to do a better job of communicating as well.

      The people that upset me are mean people or people with mal intent. I don't think that's the case here. I believe they love me and even want to support me, but maybe just don't know how or don't understand.

      I get it. You get it. The people you mention get it, but not all do. I won't give up. Thanks again for the encouragement. HugZ!

  2. the only comment i have is, we are all different and we all like to do different things. we sometimes make judgments based on what WE like or what WE would do. bob and I are not social, we don't care for parties and crowded places. other love parties and crowded places. we don't go to Disney, others love it. to each his own, and if RV living makes you happy, go for it. at one time i had mentioned it to Bob but he doesn't like travel so we stay in one place. for me i would like it. only you can know what you want from life.
    but i do have one small warning, be careful to not isolate to much. our neighbor retired and shut himself inside his house and had not people contact at all, not even internet, he lost his mind, literally and we believe because he stopped all contact with people. as long as he worked he was ok, but then he shut himself away and became a hermit. in and RV there will always be human contact.
    also some need more human contact than others. hubby and I dont need a lot.

    1. @ Sandra - I absolutely agree... on all points. And yes, my mind can be a bad neighborhood at times but I'm working on it. My morning meditations are helping immensely! And God will be with me wherever I go. Plus, I could never be a hermit completely. I love people too much! AND I have way too many wonderful friends and family members. :)

      When I get an RV, maybe Bob would spare you for a few days to take a road trip with me (?)... I promise to return you safe AND sound. LOL.

      Thanks again for understanding. HugZ!

  3. This is a phase for you, not a final destination on the road of lifestyle choice.

    Sometimes the pendulum has to swing all the way to one side then the other before it can come back center, and you can find balance. I also prefer lots of solitude, with brief social interaction when, where and with whom I choose. You'll find your balance and the people who love you will adjust, or they'll fade out. Which will also be ok :)

    1. @ Maria - Wise words my friend. Thank you. And I know you're right but if it happens, any "fading" would make me very sad. Guess I'd have to cope by writing about it. ;) HugZ!

  4. Some people think that what's good for them has to be good for everyone else too. I am like you, I don't need all the socialization that some people do, as a matter of fact it drains me.

    1. @ Ann - exactly! Should have known you'd get it. I often say that solitude recharges me. Solitude in nature - even better. Solitude in nature from an RV - heaven, I imagine. ;)

      Love the dual between you and Sandra on your respective blogs. Way too cute. And fun! :)

  5. Fulltime in an RV does not necessarily mean isolation. I lived fulltime in an rv in 1995 and 1996. Two full years and I made wonderful friends along the way !! In fact it is a whole nother world out there !! They told me then that I shouldnt do it and i actually only planned to do it for 6 months. Hah!!! Little did I know that 6 months in an rv is nothing. Well, that 6 months turned into 2 yrs real fast. I only stopped because of a major health issue. But, I am planning to do it again !! Yes and the naysayers are allready giving me all the reasons not to. Guess what tho !! I know it can be done because I did it before. Ha Ha Ha !! so, Debra, go for it. You will not look back.

    1. @ SierraSue - thank you! I love and am very grateful for all the support I get from my wonderful readers. Took a look at your pictures. Gorgeous! Do you really get to look at that pond/lake everyday? Wow. What a blessing! And that may be the best bird picture I've ever seen. Very nice.

      I hope you are well now. Trust me, I understand health issues. Blessings! And thanks again for the comment.

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