Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6/5/12 - Gotta Go. Time's Up.


I’ve been down lately.

To realize my dreams – writing (now) and living in an RV (TBD) – I have made a LOT of changes since October 22.  Some feel better than others.

  • I write and maintain this blog (accountability).
  • I sold most of my belongings. 
  • I’ve culled my overhead – no cable or TV (but I kept my internet & cell phone).
  • I moved to within 2 miles of my j.o.b.
  • And I’m feverishly organizing and simplifying my life.  For example, I’ve whittled my emails down from ~10 accounts to 2, and the list of similar projects pending seems infinitum, but I'm on it.
  • My square footage has gone from ~1600 --> 900 --> 480. 
  •  I’ve committed to a social sabbatical, and the list goes on and on.

There are many things I still need to do.  I still have a storage unit to get rid of.  (Hopefully that will be done by the end of the month.)  I still need to consolidate email addresses and clean up my emails. (I still have ~1500 in each inbox that transferred).   And the files, OMG, the boxes of paperwork and files that need to be culled and organized are enough to give anyone a headache!  And I still have tons of things I need to donate and/or sell.

None of that is the reason I’ve been down. 


I realized that during the week, I have approximately 2 hours a day to do the things that fill my soul.  Two hours to write, read, research, blog, read blogs, interact with my friends & family, etc.  Two hours for something I could do 24/7!

If I stick to my social sabbatical, I have more time on the weekends but if you deduct the time for taking care of the dogs, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, and tackling any of the items listed above in the TO DO paragraph, I only have 12-16 hours available on Saturday and Sunday.

So, I’ve been down lately.  The need to write grows stronger and stronger as does the need to commit to it.  Only I don’t want to lose everyone, everything in my life.  Why does balance have to be so difficult?

Then it dawned on me.  I’m looking at it wrong.  The math shows that if I do nothing else during those time slots, I have 20-26 hours a week left over for doing the things I love.

Granted, it’s not the 60-80 hours I’d like to have, but it’s more than a lot of people of get.  It’s not ideal, but it’ll do.


My blog posts may be more infrequent (TBD), and certainly my leaving of comments on other blogs may dwindle because for every minute I’m doing something else during that ~20-26 hours, I’m not writing.

My wonderful friend, Tracy, gave me a book years ago titled, “Alone in the World Writing.”  I’ll find it when I make time to go through the storage unit.  I’ll read it again when I find the time to finish the 4 books already on my list.  Bwahaaa.

But you see my dilemma.  The road continues to get narrower with each day and the necessary adjustment is not always easy.

I found the picture above from a Google search.  It is on a blog post where the author talks about the dilemma of writing turning her into an unsocial being.  Now that’s a small world!  I read the post (an eloquent piece) and I wish I had time to read her blog.  You’ll have to do it for me.  LOL.

What a girl won’t do to fulfill her dreams!  I’m playing this by ear wonderful readers and learning as I go & grow.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I really am glad you’re here.

Gotta go.  Time’s up.


  1. you will get it all done sooner or later and later is OK to. 1500? oh my. I delete my emails as i read and reply, then when done i delete the sent and the deleted at least 4 times a day. when i go to bed at night my email box is empty. I average about 150 or more emails per day, which includes comments from my blog and it would not take long to get to 1500 for sure. all my friends know not to send me forwards, they are deleted unread. i sent them an email 2 years ago asking for only personal emails. that helped a lot. to me forwards are a waste of my time reading things i don't want to know or see. oops i am blathering and taking up your time. sorry

    1. @ Sandra - I NEVER consider hearing from you as blathering or a consumption of time! Thanks for the input! Good information and good to know it can be managed. You are an inspiration on many levels Sandra. Love and hugZ!

  2. We all go through that. Mine has been getting back to painting. I've finally started to do that. I find that if I work small, I can finish one over a couple of hours, in between interruptions. Those are only a minute or two long, but that's okay. Sometimes the paint has to dry anyway. I still have to reorganize my pictures in the computer and get rid of excessive emails, but that takes time and it's not going anywhere. I'll get to it when iget to it!!!

    1. @ Susan - love the attitude & yeah, pictures, contacts, bdays, etc., etc., etc.... all that needs "time" in my life. I'll get to it when I can. Writing is taking over for now.

      BTW, I love that you are painting again. I haven't seen previous works but I love that latest of Angel! Nicely done my friend. Nicely done. :)