Monday, July 9, 2012

7/10/12 - Super Freaky

I am in no way comparing myself to anyone - trust me on that one, and please remember that as you read this, but something a little freaky happened to me recently....

This past weekend I was babysitting my great niece and nephew (pictured above at McDonald's).  They are beautiful children - inside and out, so please don't hold my lack of photography skills against them. ;)

And no, that's not the freaky thing.  I bought a book to read while they played at the funny farm (or whatever the indoor playground is called at McDonald's).  Somehow I think Great Aunts should know these things but I don't.

Anyway, I thought I would also read the book a little later while I sat on the covered porch with the ceiling fans going, sipping on sun brewed iced tea watching them romp in the blazing sun doing what kids do.  Great Aunts are allowed to do that, right?

And no, that's not the freaky thing either.  The book itself was.

It is by my favorite fiction author, Nora Roberts, and is titled, "The Witness."

The freaky thing is, the book I'm working on has a ton of similarities.  I'm telling you - it freaked me out!

My main character has left the witness protection program, as has hers.  My character's given name is Elisabeth (my niece's name and spelling).  Nora Roberts' character is Elizabeth.  Hers went by the nickname Liz, mine went by the nickname Lizzy.  There is a dog that is central to both books.  In my book, the dog's name is Bear (named after the last dog I had for 16 years).  The dog in Nora's book is Bert.  And get this - it is revealed in the book that Bert is named after Albert Einstein.  My degree is in Biology and he is my hero!  I even have an Albeart Einstein North American Bear that I bought almost 20 years ago!

He is going with me in my RV someday.  Aren't his little suspenders and sweater just adorable?  Hey, I've already warned you that I am a dweeb.  You should have been prepared for this.  And don't worry, I am not one of those who can't let her stuffed animals go.  He's the only one.  He also sat in my classroom.  My students thought he was hilarious.  It brought humor to science and for middle school kids, that's always a good thing.

There are many things that are different about our stories.  Mine is set in Montana, hers in Wyoming.   My Elisabeth's love interest is a veterinarian.  Hers is the Chief of Police.  They also assume different names in their new lives.  Thank God!  How freaky would that have been!

Oh yeah, and a BIG difference!?!  Hers is published.  Mine is still in progress.  And I hate to admit it wonderful readers but I wrote the epilogue to mine 15 years ago.  I finished Chapter 7 in 2008 before my hospitalization, and I'm still working on it!  How's that for procrastination?

I will be 54 on Saturday.  It will be finished by my 55th or E mc2.


  1. All I can say is great minds think along the same lines. This is an old saying I don't know where it originates from but I think it's appropriate. You may want to tweak the similarities so that that author don't get pants and a bunch thinking they might've stolen something from her. When in truth it may be the reverse. In some weird ESP kind of way. ;^)

    1. @ Trina - thank you for the great minds compliment, wow. I am safe with the similarities - it happens - just wish mine had happened first. LOL.

      While Ms. Roberts has gone after people who plagiarized her work (and rightfully so), I don't think she's concerned about similarities. That would be like saying people can't write about extraterrestial beings since the "E.T." story has already been written and made in to a movie. ;)

  2. Just can't wait to read your book in...french.Maybe by my 58th?
    PS: Love your funny Albert.
    Courage Debra. Piouk and Patrick

    1. @ Patrick - thank you SO much. I'm glad you like Albeart. He makes me smile too. Multiple languages - now that's dreaming big! I love it! Big hugZ to you and Piouk. :)

  3. maybe Nora stole you story line? she has to get them somewhere. I have not read the witness, will look for it when i go to the library today. i love stories about being in the witness protection program. i used to threaten my sons with me going into the program and not giving anyone my name or number, this was when they hit their teens. LOL
    and this is a little freaky

    1. @ Sandra - Spoken like a true friend. Thank you. But I feel I must say that while Ms. Nora has been plagiarized, I can assure you she has no need nor would she ever stoop so low as to borrow someone else's ideas. She gets her thoughts and ideas from that beautiful brain of hers.

      Nora Roberts stealing my storyline and threatening your kids with leaving them for the witness protection program...... hmmmmm....... are you sure YOU'RE not the writer? LOL.

      The other freaky thing that I forgot to mention is that both heroines are wealthy. Mine from family money and Nora's from computer skills. I like hers better, but my character has her own story. Still, you're right - a little freaky! :)

  4. That is freaky but it just goes to prove that you have the mind of a great writer :)

  5. It is Saturday when I read this. So Happy Birthday! I like your style of writing . Keep on doing it