Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8/22/12 - Nonni's Angels

This post is about Nonni's progress, but I'm also thrilled to report that Bentley continues to improve.  Normally, he plays with his toys off and on throughout each day.  He hasn't touched one since Friday - until last night.  He pulled Mr. Turtle out of the toy box and carried it to his bed.  He didn't play or do anything else, but still, that's a great sign.  Way to go Bentley!  I'm so proud of you and happy for you baby boy!  :)

An Overview

Nonni's treatment has included 2 trips over the weekend to the emergency clinic.  Tons of testing done there, lots of meds, subQ hydration and 2 bags of IV.  Her treatment has continued this week at our regular Vet clinic and has included more testing, 8 bags of IV (so far - plus at least 2 more today), 4 new meds and all day observation by the medical team.

She has to go back again today but I am happy to report that we had a good night last night.  She is definitely improving!  Barring any setbacks, I think it's safe to say that she has turned a corner and will live.  Recovery is going to take a while, but that's ok.  I've got plenty of time and lots of TLC to give.

The one thing I didn't have however was money for all this treatment.  Nonni would not have made it past Monday (confirmed by the Vet), if she had not had 3 angels come to her rescue.  I want to publicly thank them for saving Nonni's life.  Nonni of course says thank you too - can you see the gratitude in her eyes?  I certainly can!  :)

The angels wish to remain anonymous and I will honor that,
but I can at least tell the story...

Monday, August 20, 2012

8/20/12 - To Blog or Not To Blog

I know it isn't fair of me to post this so abruptly after having been absentee for so long - I know that, but I need my wonderful readers so here goes....

I have had it in my head that I shouldn't post my "latelys" because they haven't been very positive.  But my life is what it is, so here goes.

I over did it.  And since my last post I had a seizure.  I am much, much better now.  90% back to normal, whatever that is.  LOL.

But my furbabies are very, very sick.  This past Friday they started having violent diarrhea and throwing up.  After sleepless nights and trips to the emergency clinic over the weekend, Bentley is improving.  Yes! Woohoo! And praise God.  He actually kept a 1/4c boiled chicken and rice down today.

Nonni on the other hand is not out of danger.  They don't know what is wrong or what my furbabies may have gotten into.  I'm with them 24/7 and I am clueless as well.  All tests are within normal range for both of them, but Nonni continues to decline.