Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8/22/12 - Nonni's Angels

This post is about Nonni's progress, but I'm also thrilled to report that Bentley continues to improve.  Normally, he plays with his toys off and on throughout each day.  He hasn't touched one since Friday - until last night.  He pulled Mr. Turtle out of the toy box and carried it to his bed.  He didn't play or do anything else, but still, that's a great sign.  Way to go Bentley!  I'm so proud of you and happy for you baby boy!  :)

An Overview

Nonni's treatment has included 2 trips over the weekend to the emergency clinic.  Tons of testing done there, lots of meds, subQ hydration and 2 bags of IV.  Her treatment has continued this week at our regular Vet clinic and has included more testing, 8 bags of IV (so far - plus at least 2 more today), 4 new meds and all day observation by the medical team.

She has to go back again today but I am happy to report that we had a good night last night.  She is definitely improving!  Barring any setbacks, I think it's safe to say that she has turned a corner and will live.  Recovery is going to take a while, but that's ok.  I've got plenty of time and lots of TLC to give.

The one thing I didn't have however was money for all this treatment.  Nonni would not have made it past Monday (confirmed by the Vet), if she had not had 3 angels come to her rescue.  I want to publicly thank them for saving Nonni's life.  Nonni of course says thank you too - can you see the gratitude in her eyes?  I certainly can!  :)

The angels wish to remain anonymous and I will honor that,
but I can at least tell the story...

Angel number one and I have been best friends since we met on February 6, 2009 - the day I got Nonni.  This angel was a blessing then and has continued to be a blessing ever since, but never more than now.  Nonni will be 7 years old on September 4.  She will be able to celebrate that birthday because Angel One (her new nickname), called the emergency clinic and made payment arrangements for whatever Nonni needed in order to keep her alive.  Blessings and gifts don't get much bigger than saving a life.

Thank you Angel One!

After getting past the medical emergency of saving Nonni's life with immediate care, it became very clear that she needed ongoing, extensive treatment.  I posted her condition on FB and asked for advice, prayers and help from family and friends.  So many people stepped up and offered all kinds of support.  I am so very blessed!  But Angel number two gets a huge shout out for once again saving Nonni's life.  This angel has had a special place in my heart since we met in 1997.  She called my Vet and made payment arrangements for whatever Nonni needed in order to keep her alive.  God gave Nonni not one, but TWO earthly Angels that saved her life.

Thank you Angel Two!

Do you guys remember the puppy, Smiles, that I recently rescued?  Well, I can't really state it that way because there were many Angels that came to the rescue for Smiles, but I digress....

Here's the connection to Nonni's story.... the person that adopted Smiles has a Veterinary Imaging School.  And guess what?  She, en gratis, took a student to the Vet clinic yesterday and did ultrasound imaging on Nonni.  Who does stuff like that?!?  Oh yeah, that would be Angel number three - truly, truly blessed here folks.  Because of her generous gift, we now know with certainty that Nonni does not have something as severe as pancreatitis, internal bleeding, ulcer lacerations, etc.  Not only that but the tests helped determine a new course of action on meds and within a couple of hours Nonni responded and began getting better!  It was the final step in the trilogy of Angels that Nonni needed. Amazing!

Thank you Angel Three!


I have to admit - through all of this there has been a part of me questioning my decision to hang on to my furbabies this past year.  After all, they needed emergency medical care that I could not give them.  Had I been so selfish in my need to keep them that I robbed them of a quality life?  Or, life in general, as it turns out.  I have cried my eyes out these last few days thinking that my decision may have cost them their life.

It's just that after my brain surgery, and losing my house, my husband, my job, moving back to Dallas, starting over, etc., etc., etc., I just couldn't bare to lose them too.  They are my life.  They are my family.  So, attention Nonni's Angels!  Not only did you save her life (and Bentley's) - you may have very well saved mine too.  To say you were a Godsend is an understatement.  May God send blessings back to you a hundredfold.

So many people have offered prayers, support and encouragement through this. I am truly blessed, humbled and grateful.

Thank you everyone!


Debra, Nonni, Bentley and Miss Hope


  1. you did the right thing keeping your children. if they were human kids a mother would not consider giving them up because the could not afford their health care, so stop beating yourself up. and the three angels in the story that made me cry, would say you should have kept them, by doing so they received blessings for blessing you. wonderful story even though my eyes are still wet

    1. @ Sandra - ahhhh, thank you! And I wasn't beating myself up so much as grieving over a broken heart. I suppose I was questioning myself because human kids have resources such as county hospitals, medicaire, CHIPS, etc., but for furry family, programs like that don't exist.

      Without her Angels, Nonni would have died. There is no question about that. I can't help but think about something Bill Cosby once said, "Money may not buy happiness, but it sure can buy a lot of things that make you happy - like good health." He was so right! God's non-human creatures especially get the short end of that stick sometimes... case in point.

      Until life changed so drastically for me, I could easily afford anything my babies needed. It was horrifying to know they were in harm's way because I could no longer do that. But this story has a very happy ending and my heart has gone from being broken to bursting with gratitude and relief. It's a good day indeed! :)

  2. I agree with Sandra. Should something serious ever happen to Duke I would be in the same situation financially but I would never consider giving him up because something might happen. I am so happy to hear both dogs are doing better and you have proof that angels really do walk on earth.

    1. @ Ann - so good to hear from you! And thank you for supporting me in keeping my babies. Nonni is finally home from the hospital and continues to improve - baby steps. I'm so thankful for them and love them so much but if I had needed to give her up to save her life, I would have. I'm glad it didn't come to that and I'm glad they right here with me. Love and hugZ to you and Duke. :)