Tuesday, September 4, 2012

9/4/12 - Nonni's 7th Birthday

@ 10 Weeks Old

 Happy 7th Birthday Nonni!

We are so blessed that Nonni is alive to celebrate her birthday.  As you can tell from the before and after pictures below, the recent close call with death really took its toll on her.  But baby girl is alive today and she had a great birthday! So, once again, I have to say thank you to her Trifecta Angels that made that possible.

This is a picture of Nonni and Bentley enjoying a doctor-approved birthday treat...

They practiced long and hard to get the synchronized chewing just right for the photo.  LOL.

Since I had to work today, the furbabies and I went on the hunt for a new park yesterday.  We found a great one!  It is River Legacy and it has a river complete with primitive trails for Nonni and Bentley...

And oodles and oodles of concrete trails and shade for me!

Here's a picture of Nonni and her twin brother at their 5th birthday party...

And a picture of Nonni doing what Nonni loves to do best...

Other than eating treats, that is...

And yes, that is the same treat that's in the picture above.  It went from dangling in my fingers to being devoured in approximately 0.87 seconds. :)

And Nonni never does anything wrong.  It's always Miss Hope or Bentley, but never Nonni.  Yeah right, LOL.  Here she is at 6.  The once closed and sealed box of powdered milk that I had scheduled to take to the food pantry was 2 bags short!

And last but not least, she is and shall always remain, one of my bestest friends.

Happy birthday sweet Nonnikins!

May we share many more.


  1. Well let me be the first ,Happy Birthday Nonni, darn glad to hear from you again
    Debra, don't give up on the Blog if you can Tolerate it, I love the honesty and openness in you share,s Your Blog is a treasure, thank-you!!!
    Your the best (((Hugs))) to all the 4 legged friends in your lif

    Dave in San Diego

    1. @ Dave - ahhhh, thank you for the encouragement and kind words! I think I've figured out a schedule that will allow me to return to Blogland. Stay tuned...

      And hugZ right back at ya! :)

  2. happy birthday sweetie, you almost had the same one with me. mine is today and i am 68 no 7 but i wish i were. i think. that baby pic of you made me want to reach in and grab you.

    1. @ Sandra - Happy, happy burfday to you. Happy, happy burfday to you! Happy burfday sweet Sandra. Happy burfday to you. And we all know that there is a 7 year old in you that takes over from time to time. Mommy sent you a birthday card. She hopes you like it! :)

  3. Well a very happy birthday to Nonni. She had a good celebration too I see.

    1. @ Ann - yes, it was a very special celebration this year. :)