Thursday, October 18, 2012

10/18/12 - Greater Awareness

You may recall that I am taking a Prosperity Consciousness class.   Key 3 is:

Build a Greater Awareness of the Truth.

This lesson was about discovering the powerful and pervasive limiting beliefs we have that hold us back.

This class is powerful.  Life changing!

As I did the work, I discovered that my core belief is not pretty.  Even with all the work I’ve done in my life to overcome childhood abuse, domestic violence, alcohol and drug use, and a brain injury, I knew something dark still lurked.  It turns out that it is a limiting belief that needs to be transformed.  Now that the limiting belief has been brought to Light, that transformation can occur.

This limiting belief is NOT me, but it is a belief stamped into my subconscious since childhood that has been tagging along like an unwanted tick on a dog.  I thought such toxicity had long been eradicated, but there it sat.  When I realized it, I was shocked.  Here it is:

I do not deserve to live.  And if I do, I will not amount to anything.

Powerful and pervasive indeed – IF left in the dark.  But no more.  I understand its origin and long ago embraced the facets of my life that created it.  I spent many years working through acceptance and forgiveness – of myself and many others.  Now I have the opportunity to completely change that lurking, limiting belief into a new core belief:

GOD IS (Matthew 14:27) and I AM (The Creative Life, Eric Butterworth, Pp. 8-9).

This has been a springboard in my life for quite awhile now from which many of my beliefs already operate, but in my heightened state of awareness I am making it my core belief that will permeate all else.  It is powerful, pervasive, and UNlimited.

I am so very grateful for this revelation.

I have shared the following before, but it is worth repeating.  I heard Jana Stanfield say this in a concert:
Coincidence is God remaining anonymous.
Serendipity is God leaving his signature.
Synchronicity is God showing off.
This class has put me in a state of synchronicity, and my spiritual growth is on an exponential curve.  So it didn’t surprise me when the reading I chose for my morning meditation was spot on:

Feelings and Surrender, October 17
The Language of Letting Go, Melody Beattie

Trust in the rightness of timing, and the freedom at the other end,
as you struggle humanly through this spiritual experience.

God is good.  All the time.  And so it is.


  1. so happy for you the class is working out and helping you. i have a limiting belief and have had it since i was in grade school, it has been there for all of my 68 years and is still there, it is not hidden, i just have never overcome it. my limiting belief keeps me from doing things, things i want to do. it is the belief that what i do is never as good as what others do, insecurity is my middle name. i beleive and have always believed that no matter what it is i do, it doesn't compare to others who do the same thing.

    1. @ Sandra - I understand. Look at the sign on my January 29th blog:

      I wish I could give you a real hug instead of just a virtual one. Even when we know the tapes aren't true, we can still let them play sometimes and listen to them, or we may let doubt creep in and wonder if they're true, or worse yet - we flat out believe them. It boxes us in, limits us. It takes a lot sometimes to reverse the itty bitty shitty committees (the IBSCs), but I'm living proof it can be done. You would not believe how many I have quieted over the years! LOL.

      If it helps at all, please know that even when you can't, I hold you up as a secure, competent, loving and loved, gifted and beautiful person. I hold you in the greatest light of the wonderful you that you are. And I see your insecurities and limiting belief melting away as you continue to grow and realize just how much people look up to you - especially those who do the same things! With your permission, I'll add you to my daily vision list.

      You warm my heart and make me smile every time I hear from you. And you are crazy talented! Look at how fast you conquered webcam shots and videos once Nonni introduced them to you! Seriously, wow. I'm hoping one day we can carve out Skype time for you to teach me a few of the things I desperately want to try.

      I've told you before and I'll shout it here: YOU ARE AWESOME! :)

      Big, big hugZ!

    2. Update: It may not have the same "tune" but I'm going to go with itty bitty SILLY committees from now on for the IBSCs. I'm not comfortable saying or printing the other - even tho it is probably more accurate. ;)

  2. I'm glad to hear that the class is having a positive impact.

    1. @ Ann - thank you. I feel like I'm back on track to where I was before the move. Wow. That took awhile. LOL.

  3. I have struggled with some things in the past and it does help when you finally figure out why those things are there in the first place. I hope that you can move past all the hardships in your life and begin grow spiritually.

  4. @ Elisabeth - thank you for the encouraging words sweets! You are, and have always been, a huge inspiration in my life. Thank you for sharing this. I have definitely moved past the hardships and one of the things I absolutely love about life is that I am constantly growing spiritually. That's why it comes as such a surprise when I find things still lurking under the surface. One day, maybe I'll take a peek and there won't be anything there. :) Love you bunches!!