Monday, October 22, 2012

10/22/12 - Happy ONE YEAR Anniversary!

Today marks the one year anniversary of my blog.  Can you believe it?!?

I created Living in Grace on 10/22/2011, in two different posts.  You can read the first post [here].  From that auspicious day and the 2nd post, miraculous things began to happen for me.  You can read the 2nd post [here].

Great things continue to happen.  I am extremely blessed, and most of it has revolved around this blog.  It has kept me on track, kept me accountable, and kept me in touch with a lot of amazing, wonderful people.  I am forever grateful.  I wanted to have my RV by now, so for the last couple of weeks I put it in high gear and did some earnest shopping in hopes that the universe would answer in kind.  I followed up with the owners (and 2 dealers) of each of these…

I even checked out a van that had been a work van - a rolling laboratory, but it needed too many modifications for my limited skills.  I saw lots of potential in it though and I hope it finds a good home.  Rick, the lot owner, was probably the most genuine of all the sellers I talked to.

However, after much deliberation and effort, it turns out I won’t be able to buy an RV this year as I had hoped.  That was a bummer, but I am super excited because I now have a definite game plan!  When this all started, I thought I would immediately move in to my RV once I bought it.  Trying to work the logistics and finances out to achieve that goal has been beyond daunting.  Finally it dawned on me, “Debra, buy a used, inexpensive model.  Stay in the apartment for now.  Learn the ropes of RV living and fix it up in the meantime!

That's exactly what I am going to do.  My new parameters for an RV are:

Class B or Class C,
Length less than 22 feet,
Clear title in hand (<-- I couldn't believe how many were selling without a title.  Wow.)

This puts me in a late ‘70s model – just like the ones pictured above.  The whole adventure would be elevated to synchronicity if it ends up being a '76 model.  Right, DHS Class of '76?  ;)

Regardless, I am thrilled.  I had begun to get discouraged.  Now?  It feels great to have precise, renewed, achievable direction.  Not only that, I have since been able to make repair arrangements with my mechanic!  Once I have an RV, he is going to let me work out of his shop on Saturdays.  Isn't that amazing?  Thank you, Kenny!  I will learn how to do an oil & filter change, a tune-up, and change out the belts and hoses, etc.  How awesome is that?!?  I’m going to be a grease monkey!  (Hence the picture above, grin.)  My 55th birthday next year is on Sunday, July 14, 2013.  Nothing would please me more than to spend the Saturday before my birthday getting greasy while working on my RV.  We shall see.

I have also been given an invitation to work whenever I want in a professional wood shop.  Awesomeness continued… amazing!  After I work on the engine, I’ll be able to work on the inside!  It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.  This came about from one of those serendipitous moments.  Someone moved out of the apartment across from me.  They left an antique, wooden desk chair in the breezeway.  It was going to get thrown away.  I couldn’t bare that.  It was identical to one my dad used to have.  It needed some TLC and the seat needed to be re-attached, but it was otherwise in perfect condition. So, I googled the area and found a furniture repair shop.

I took it to the guy and he couldn't believe I did all that and was willing to just give him the chair.  I told him it was his as long as he refurbished it and gave it a good home.  We got to talking and he has no one to pass his shop on to and just wants to mentor someone in woodworking.  I told him my goals and he made the offer for me to come there and do any interior woodwork needed.  He's even willing to teach my nephew who loves woodworking.  My nephew is as excited as I am because outside of shop at school, he had no one to teach him and nowhere to continue and improve his love of woodworking.  Thank you, J!

There are so, so many blessings in my life that revolve around the vision and dreams this blog has helped me define.  I can't wait to meet my RV.  And yes, I know how that sounds, but you've already been warned many, many times that I am a dweeb.  LOL.

Dweeb or not, I finish today, the one year anniversary of my blog, feeling as blessed and hopeful as when I started this journey -- if not more so.  Life is good and I am grateful.

Thank you for being here wonderful readers.

Living in Grace is a good place to be.


  1. I love everything about this!

    1. @ Leslie - ahhhh, thank you! Me too! :) And I love you my dear, sweet friend. HugZ!

  2. this is indeed a happy happy post, so glad to hear all this and you already know i wish you much luck. if you were here you could find one like those in the collage easily. i saw one for 1200 not to long ago. Florida is the land of RVs

  3. forgot to say woo hoo on the mechanics and wood shop thing

    1. @ Sandra... woohooing with you! LOL. Maybe I can drive my first one to FL to trade up on my 2nd one. ;) Wouldn't that be fun! Okay, okay... one step at time. :)

  4. Happy Annniversary to your blog. This post is just overflowing with happy. I love it. I can hear the excitement in every word your wrote.

    1. @ Ann - Thank you, and yes, Michael Buble's song, "Feeling Good" comes to mind. :)

  5. Very cool! I'm a new GFC follower :)