Saturday, November 10, 2012

11/10/12 - I See RVs

Maybe it’s just because I want one so badly, but lately it seems like I am seeing RVs everywhere (or at least their distant cousins).

The one pictured above isn’t even an RV, but I looked at it and thought, “Hmmm, it could be converted.”  Seriously?  I feel like an offshore man on his first leave, at a bar, at closing – everything looks good.

There IS a redeemable characteristic about that truck though.  Did you notice the name?  It’s a sign!  It means I should have my own fleet of RVs.  Yeah, that’s it!

Actually, there have been a lot of 'conversion trucks' in the hood lately.  And I really do fantasize about the possibilities as I walk by.  Don't worry, I'm shaking my head right along with you.  This too shall pass.

This next one is actually a van, an RV even.  Note the duct tape.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow afternoon.  When I take the dogs for a walk in the morning, we’ll take the same route again.  It will be interesting to see if it's still there and if the top is still up.

I feel the urge to offer them an umbrella.  Oddly enough, I envy them.  Yep, the bar needs to close, or I need to raise mine.  ;)


  1. laughing now, and shouting Raise The Bar...please. we have often discussed if there are more of what we see or if it is because we saw it and then looked. like see a car we like and then they are every where. i think this is common. good luck with your hunt and your walk and hope it is not raining on you this morning.

    1. @ Sandra - it wasn't there today and the rain was not near enough. I'll work on raising that bar. ;) HugZ!

  2. Well I have to tell you that I kind of do the same thing. Of course it's not with RV's but whatever craft I might be obsessing over at the time I'll see all kinds of things that remind me of it and give me ideas of how to incorporate it

    1. @ Ann - that's why you're so good at what you do! Serious awesomeness. :)