Thursday, November 1, 2012

11/1/12 - Saludo Salado

There will be a lot of pictures in this post.  If you click on any one of them then you can scroll through the rest with your keyboard arrows.  I wish blogger had a video feature like wordpress, but until they do, clicking and scrolling is the best way to view these in full size.

If you’re ever near Salado, Texas, I highly recommend giving this town some of your time.  The entire town was friendly, quaint and artsy.  In short, awesome!

Carolyn arrived at the B&B first.  She got a kick out of the fact that the office had already closed, and for late arrivals, keys are left outside on the front porch in the station specifically built for that purpose.   The key was with a map to the room and if you look closely you can see an old-fashioned phone on the side of the station.  From then on, Carolyn was dubbed “Queen of the key.”  Too funny!

As soon as Sheree and I got there we took a picture of the room before hauling all of our stuff in.  When I finished taking those pics, I turned around and cracked up because Carolyn and Sheree were “hiding” – trying to stay out of the way.  LOL.

Once we got settled in we just had to go see what we could see – which wasn’t much since it was so late.  We felt like teenagers sneaking out of the house (and back in too, grin).  We were very brave and even walked across a scary bridge!

We heard music but by the time we found it, the band was packing up.  To be honest, that’s because they were at “The Range” and we walked past it the first time because I, blonde roots here, thought the sign was for a target area – as in shooting guns.  Yes, I know, but you had to have been there.  In my defense, it was late, we were tired, it was dark, and you couldn’t see the building from the road – just the sign.  Who names their restaurant and club after a shooting range anyway?  Bwahhh!

The next morning we headed back downstairs to a scrumptious breakfast.  Rob, the owner, can cook!  But don’t call him Don, Bob or Bubba – like we did – before coffee.  :)

We enjoyed this place immensely.  Here are pics of the front porch and our balcony.

Before we headed to the art fair, Carolyn surprised me with a gift!  She brought me a 2013 calendar of vintage RVs!  How cool is that?!?

The Salado Art Fair was small but fun.  The featured artist was Howard Dubois.  He is a western artist and it his coyote painting on the posters.  The detail was incredible.  Look at the trail that we took to Pace Park where the fair was.  How pretty!

It turns out the bridge wasn’t so scary in the daytime.  It’s Dodd’s Creek Bridge and is even guarded by a troll.

During the day, you can see houses built right in the dry creek bed.  I sure hope it stays dry!

Here are scenes from our many strolls through town.

During lunch, Carolyn had a butterfly that kept stopping by for a visit.  It was her sweet mom’s birthday and she was missing her tremendously so we decided it was truly butterfly kisses.

I hope you enjoyed our weekend half as much as we did!  Thanks for being here!


  1. a fantastic weekend and a place i would LOVE to visit. i like your stroll through the town, sightsi would love to visit and your room is beautiful. to funny on the key to get in. i love that painted window in the last shot. and i like viewing this way better than slide shows, i like to click through them and study details, which i did.

    1. @ Sandra - wish you could hvae been there. I'm glad you let me know about your preference on viewing. Makes me feel better. I tried to think like the MadSnapper when shooting. :)

  2. Oh that does look like a fun place. Love the bed and breakfast, very nice. I would love to visit that place

    1. @ Ann - that is very sweet of you, and yes, it was a great place but I picture your area just crawling with wonderful B&Bs. Am I right?