Friday, November 9, 2012

11/9/12 - Catfish Key, Darling

Okay, be honest wonderful readers….. when you read the title of this post, before you saw the picture, did you think about a movie?  Now that you’ve seen the photo and have read the title, do you know which movie it’s from?  Hint: it’s NOT Catfish Key.  Duh, me.

I have been searching for this movie my entire adult life and I found it this week!!!  I was thrilled!!!  And yes, you know it’s been a busy, boring week when your highlight was finding a movie.  But that’s the long and short of it – this was HUGE for me.

From the time that VHS became popular and I got my very first VCR, I have periodically gone on quests to find this movie.   (Yes, I realize that dates me.  If you want to know just how much, click here.  You’ll learn more than you ever wanted to know about Video Home Systems and magnetic tape.)
To my nephews and nieces that are rolling around on the floor and laughing out loud:  You can get up now.  Yes, I forgive you.  I still love you, but next time you come over, bring the popcorn.  You’re watching it with me, you young whippersnappers.
I saw this movie as a teenager, and even as a little girl I loved anything Hayley Mills.  Over time, I have been able to find everything else of hers, but not this particular movie.  As is clear by now, I thought the title of the movie was Catfish Key.  In fact, my title of this post is a line from the movie - one of the best delivered lines of all times, IMHO.

Even with the onslaught of Google, I would look for Hayley Mills’s movies and peruse each list, but I never saw the title, Catfish Key.  It also stars James MacArthur (Danno in the original Hawaii Five-O) and John Mills, Hayley’s biological father.  So, I could never understand why they didn’t make it into a VHS, er, I mean DVD, er, Blue Ray, what-ever.

Then, this week, we were in a water cooler discussion at work and one of my co-workers said, “Oh, you’re talking about [wait for it].....

The Truth About Spring.”

I stared at her like she had grown 3 heads, a tail, and was flying around on a broom.  I finally, and I’m sure intelligently replied, “What?”

Everyone roared.  The look on my face must have been amazing.  It is so wonderful to step in to the light after wandering around in darkness for 30 +/- years!  Guess what my Christmas gift will be to self?

If you want a copy, I’ll save you the trouble of searching for it and give you the link I found for ordering it (here).  This is not an endorsement.  I know nothing about this website.  It’s just me sharing with you my find of the century.  Quite literally.

Enjoy!  I know I will.  :)


  1. laughing now....glad you found the name and the movie. now i will tell you a shocking secret about me... i have never owned a VCR, DVD or Blue ray and have never bought a movie in my whole 68 years... you can get up off the floor now...and stop that laughing. i do have favorite movies and have seen them many times, but always on TV. now with our DVR from cable, i can grab them and watch. i have seen all the Lethal Weapons movies half dozen times. my most watched and most loved movie is Witness with Harrison Ford.

    1. Oh Sandra, thank you for the best laugh I've had in a very long time! I adore you! I own very few movies (about a dozen) - my all time favs only and most of them are classics. I don't have cable/DVR - just rabbit ears (insert more laughter).

      I like the LW series. I miss "that" Mel Gibson. I like Harrison Ford too - in most everything. He's no Sean Connery or Cary Grant tho (grin), but he'll do. LOL.

  2. hmm, not familiar with that movie. Glad you found out what the name of it was though. I can't even tell you the last time I've rented or bought a movie. I probably wouldn't even remember how to work the dvd

    1. @ Ann - you and Sandra... what am I going to do with you two!?! LOL. :)

  3. Ha, ha! Love it! I'm going to look it up. Thanks for all your comments on my blog - I really appreciate it and have really enjoyed them.

    1. @ Diana - I hope you enjoy the movie if you end up getting it. By some standards I guess it might be "quaint" but I love it. Thanks too for letting me know you appreciate the comments. Sometimes, since I don't have my RV yet, I'm not sure how I'm perceived by those of you already out there. I love your blog. Sure hope I get to meet you someday. Happy travels! Stay safe!

  4. How funny! I had a similar experience. For years, I searched everywhere for a movie titled "I Know Where I'm Going". It's a 1945 British film of which I missed the last 20 or so minutes back in the late-80's. (I was watching it in a Bed & Breakfast in Ireland while my husband went to pick up our rental car. He got back before the movie ended and I didn't want to keep hime waiting, so I turned the TV off. Big mistake!).

    It bothered me for years, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Fast forward many year and Netflix got it, so I got to see the ending! It really is a wonderful movie. Here's the Netflix link in case anyone is interested: