Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10/15/13 - My New Blog

Hello wonderful readers,

Not long after my last post, I had to make some life changes due to unexpected health issues.  I was still determined to co-create my life with God and Spirit and while my dream of living in an RV has taken a back seat (for now), wonderful, beautiful, amazing things have happened in my life.

I have a new job and we moved to a new apartment.  I no longer live in the hood.  Remember this?....

Well, we now live here....

Nonni and Bentley are happy too.  (So is Miss Hope but she wouldn't sit still for a photo, grin.)  In this pic we are visiting neighbors who have a lot of birds.  I think Bentley is sad that they are caged and Nonni is asking if they are desert.  LOL.

My health is, well, maintaining.  Periodically, I have seizures and I hold that this manifestation is temporary.  They are not my reality.  I am healthy, happy, whole and complete.  I am learning who I am.

For example, I recently found out I have family that I had no clue existed. From them I learn that my ancestors came to America on the Mayflower!  Wow, who woulda thunk it? :)   But that doesn't really answer the question of who I am either.

I finally started my new blog (here) and posted this exploration of who I am as my first article: "Learning Who I Am."  I hope you'll join my new blog.  I've missed you.  HugZ!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

3/23/13 - Blogland Blessings

I am happy to report that Lucky has found a new, forever home (meet Lucky in my last post, here).  Woohoo Lucky!  :)

Joe, also known as JB, saw my post (on here as well as FB).  He contacted me.  I talked to him and his wife Toni, and well, the rest is history – as they say.  Joe came to the clinic and picked Lucky up this morning.

I am so thrilled!!  Lucky’s tragic story has a happy ending.  Thank you, Joe!  It was awesome to meet you in person!

NOTE:  Uniting Lucky and Joe was such an exciting event, I forgot to take pics.  Sorry wonderful readers.  Imagine tons of love, lots of jubilation, and you pretty much have the picture.  :)

But there is even more to the story – Joe and I originally “met” through blogland.  We both follow several of the same RV blogs.  Joe started following my blog even before I met the author of one of our common blogs, Glenn Morrissette.

In fact, Joe was the 6th person to sign up to follow my blog so he has been around since the earliest days of Living in Grace.  Not only that, we discovered early on that we are practically neighbors.  So it is extra special, and perfect, that he should be the one who gives Lucky a loving, forever home.  How amazing is that?!?

Joe reports that Lucky had a great first day, and even loves the grandkids!

We never know what seeds are being planted so that future blessings can grow.  I am learning so much about God, Spirit, living as one in this Universe, and manifestation/co-creating with God.  I see the results daily and am very grateful for my life.  And this blog.  Through it, I have had the opportunity to meet such wonderful people and see such amazing things.  My heart overflows with gratitude.

Have a great weekend, wonderful readers.  Love, hugZ and blessings – from my heart and home – to you and yours.

Friday, March 22, 2013

3/22/13 - Enjoying the Moments

Well, the weather has changed on us.  It has cooled off enough to make it perfect camping temperature!  Oh, how I wish!  It may rain though.  Been there, done that – tent camping in the rain can be quite an adventure.  J

Obviously, my 2 faithful companions would love it - wind, rain and all.  We took a walk before the sprinkles began and sat for awhile on this elevated grassy knoll.  There wasn’t anything in particular to see, but it was gorgeous and serene.  The 3 of us sat there for about 40 minutes just watching, looking around, enjoying the cool breeze.  I am sans make-up and if you look closely enough you can see the bump on my noggin' from colliding with one of the kennel gates at the clinic last weekend, but I didn’t care.  I wanted to capture the moment.  That “nothing” out there that we had been looking at was sure interesting – Nonni and Bentley never even glanced my way.  This picture captures the 3 of us being us.

The next picture captures Miss Hope being Miss Hope.  I had pulled the suitcase out from under the bed and vacuumed before we left for our walk.  I forgot to put it back and she had made herself quite the nest while we were gone.  My animals are nature lovers and travelers at heart.  Hmmm, I wonder where they got that?!?  LOL.

Tomorrow, at the clinic, I don’t care what the weather is like.  I am taking the guy in the next picture to the dog park (pre-approved by vet and staff) so he can stretch his legs and fetch and play frisbee.  His story is below the picture.  I posted it on FB.  Hopefully someone will come to his rescue soon.  I’m afraid his days are numbered.

“Please help!  This baby boy’s human passed away & he needs a new forever home.  He is well trained – heel, sit, stay, fetch, etc.  He is healthy & current on his shots.  He loyally stood vigil over his human until help arrived.  So sweet!  He is high energy & being in a kennel is hard for him.  He is at the clinic where I volunteer.  His name is Lucky.  Please help him feel that way again.  Pass this on.  I will arrange travel if you are not local.  Thank you!"

Live and love each day to the fullest my wonderful readers.  HugZ!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3/20/13 - Happy Spring!

We hope you are enjoying this wonderful, beautiful first day of Spring!

And yes, I realize some parts of our great nation are not able to walk in the sunshine and smell the flowers, but I hope for all – no matter where you are, in whatever country – that you are able to see beauty in this great day.

Love, hugZ and blessings,
Nonni and Bentley (and Miss Hope)

Monday, March 18, 2013

3/18/13 - A Weekend of Love

Thursday night my great-niece and I met for dinner.  She has moved back “home” after completing her degree at Texas Tech and working in Lubbock.  It was our first time for a “girl’s night” and we had a blast.  Yes, that’s her in the picture.  No, that’s not at the restaurant, LOL.  That is a picture of her and her Chorkie, Max, at her parent’s home on Saturday, but back to Thursday night….

We ate on the balcony and enjoyed the pretty weather, but somehow at some point in the evening, my wallet fell out of my purse.  I did not discover it until the next day, and was extremely blessed and grateful when I called the manager and he said that it had been turned in.  He was only going to be there until 3 so I left work a couple of hours early (a huge shout out to my supervisors for understanding!), and I got there just before he left.  My wallet was intact.  100%!

It is probably no coincidence that I am currently taking a class at my church that teaches 5 principles as a guide to practical spirituality (not religion or law).  We are studying Ellen Debenport’s book, The Five Principles.  As I sat with my niece at the restaurant, I couldn’t help but admire her natural beauty.  Also, her smile can light up a room and she has always been a source of love and joy in this family. It was surreal to realize how many adult stressors she has in her life right now, and for a moment I worried her light may dim, but just for a moment.  Then I remembered the first 2 Principles we’ve studied:

Principle One – God is Absolute Good, everywhere present.

Principle Two – Human beings have a spark of divinity within them, the Christ spirit within.  Their very essence is of God, and therefore they are also inherently good.

Belief in Principle One removes worry, does it not?  I’m not saying I can live from serenity at all times, but I did this weekend.  I saw Love and Absolute Good everywhere.

My wallet being returned is a tiny example of Principle Two.  When I posted the story on Facebook, a friend wrote, “So awesome!  Gives you a little faith in humanity.”

Absolutely!  That’s why I shared the story, but then I realized that combining Principle One and Principle Two gives me more than just a ‘little’ faith – it gives me great joy and exuberance!

In fact, I’ll share something that may astonish you (or maybe not, grin)…. I have shared many stories about living in “the hood” (5/5/126/12/12, 6/19/126/23/1211/17/12, on and on and on), but as I “broaden my understanding of God to a field of love and intelligence that is the foundation of the universe” (Debenport, P. 39), and as I grow and expand my understanding of the great I AM (The Creative Life, Eric Butterworth, Pp. 8-9), I have literally begun to love my neighbors and amazing things have occurred:

  • The brakes on Betsy Buick need work so she sits idle in the parking lot for now.  When my neighbor Derek found out (you may remember him from my 9/6/12 post), he gave me a big, warm teddy bear hug – so sweet!
  • Damian, a neighbor that is a mechanic, came and knocked on my door and checked the brake fluid and lines for leaks & wouldn’t take a dime.
  • Suzy & Roberta recently lost their 15 year old cat to kidney failure.  They knocked on my door late one night in full-blown grief asking about the crematory services at the vet clinic where I volunteer.  When I contacted the office manager, she didn’t bat an eye and talked them through what to do step-by-step.  They brought me dinner not too long ago – man, those girls can cook!
  • In my last post, errrr, I mean Nonni's post (grin), we told you about the latest puppy I rescued.  Well, my new, quiet, wonderful neighbors above me, Gino & Talia, helped take care of him while I was at work.  It wouldn't be a success story without them.  How wonderful is that?!?

The point is, I see love everywhere now and it is transforming my neighborhood, beginning with me.

I will get Betsy’s brakes fixed as soon as I can, but in the meantime my niece and her husband have loaned me their van.  I only had to walk to work one day. A co-worker gave me a ride home that afternoon, and the next day my niece drove all the way here to leave me the van – the day before they left for vacation!  The picture at the beginning of this post was taken while I was at their house on Saturday (you can see a photo of them in my 5/5/12 post).  Her husband changed the oil and had the tires rotated on the van so I can drive it a little longer.  Talk about love!

Even when Betsy is running, I don’t drive her very far from the apartment.  Since I have the van, I was able to go to my nephew’s soccer game over the weekend (same family).  What a treat!

It was super fun and the weather was great, but when the game was over I noticed one of Wesley’s friends was crying.  He was trying not to, but couldn’t help himself.  His family was packed up and headed to the parking lot.  Wesley’s mom discreetly pointed it out to Wesley who immediately went over and started walking with his friend to the car.  He walked the length of the field with him, and had his small hand on the back of his friend’s shoulder the whole way.  The family kept walking while the 2 boys talked quietly to each other.  Soon his friend was walking taller, with chin lifted and both boys laughed before Wesley came running back and joined some other friends at play.  I don’t know what his friend was upset about or what Wesley said, but it was a beautiful expression of love.

I affirm:  God is Absolute Good, everywhere present.  Human beings have a spark of Divinity within them, the Christ spirit within.  Our very essence is of God, and therefore we are also inherently Good.

I’m reminded of a song by the Beatles, “All You Need Is Love.”  I saw love everywhere, all weekend.  I hope you did too my wonderful readers.  Thanks for being here!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

3/7/13 - Yo, You Still There?

Just checking in to let you know we’re still here.  It’s me – Nonni aka Nonnikins.  Mom says to tell you she’ll be back soon.

She’s around.  She just got real disillusioned when we closed out 2012 and she realized how far away it might be before we move into an RV.  I think everything from this past year or so got to her, but she’s okay – and says to tell you she is getting spiritually centered again – and feeling better all the time.  She’ll write more later, but this post is from me.

Bentley is asleep or he would help me.  Miss Hope said cats and dogs can’t write at the same time – whatever that means.  So I’ll catch you up – more or less.

Mom recently went on a girls’ weekend with her BFF and her sis.  Last time they went to Salado.  This time they hibernated in a hotel room near the Galleria and did “girly stuff” – whatever that means.

Bentley and I had to be boarded.  It wasn’t so bad though, and it was only one night.  Mom works at this place on Saturdays now.  We get to go with her to this job.  I sure wish we could go with her to her office job too, but for some reason we have to stay home on weekdays.  She says she works at this new place on Saturdays so that if we ever get sick again, she knows she can get us the care we need.  She calls this place “a little heaven on earth.”  She calls the people that work there “angels.”  We call it the “Oh no.  Run for your life!  Vet!  Needles!” place.  No, not really.  We like it too.  Just don’t tell anyone.

The Vet angels also helped Mommy find a rescue group that found a forever home for a lost dog we found.  It came right up to us, unlike Smiles.  Do you remember him?  It took us days to get him in the car, but this little guy came up and was begging us for help.  Mom bathed him and fed him and it only took 2 weeks for him to find his forever home.  It’s a good thing too because he had a chip and it turns out that the people that had him didn’t want him any longer so they just put him out.  Mom says people like that should be shot.  Bentley, Miss Hope and I think they should just bring the unwanted to Mom.  She loves all animals.  We’ve met a lot of people who do.  This guy’s new family named him Sami, and they got Sami groomed so he looks just like his new Bichon sister.  We don’t have an updated picture of him yet, but Happy Trails Sami!

Mom has also been spending a lot of time at this place in the next picture. She goes here to learn and grow and get spiritual and calm and turn negative into positive and a whole bunch of other things I don’t understand.  She says it has nothing to do with religion and is another place that’s heaven on earth.  It’s a really pretty place – full of love and peace.  They even had a special day just for pets!  (Mom will tell you about that in another post soon.)  All I know is that people are happy here and we enjoy hanging out while waiting on mom.

Photos courtesy of FB - Unity Arlington
Betsy recently had an oweee.  She was in the shop a few days and ultimately had to get a new water pump.  Mom gives us fresh water several times a day.  I don’t know why it took Betsy so long to get new water, but she’s okay now.  Mom said it had something to do with more angels.

We’ve been going on lots and lots of very long hikes.  Can you guess where we are in this picture?

If you didn't guess that stadium, do you know this ballpark?

Well, that's it for now.  I hope you enjoyed my post!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

1/24/13 - Walking The Dam Over You

courtesy: wikipedia.org
First, let's WELCOME our newest, Wonderful Reader.  She doesn't list any information, and that's okay.  I'm just glad you're here.  Welcome Beth!

To shrug off the blues from jonesin for an RV, I packed up the furbabies and we went for a hike to somewhere new….. sort of.

We’ve been to Joe Pool Lake a million times – mostly at Cedar Hill State Park, but I had recently heard about a possible swim hole for Bentley at the base of the dam.  That boy LOVES to swim!  Plus, I needed a good, soothing view of water.  Being near water is always nirvana for me.  Since there’s no ocean nearby, we headed to the dam.

In my haste, I took off without camera or phone, so you don't get to see how happy he was frolicking in the water in the middle of winter.  Nonni wouldn't have any part of it.  My poor Ben – He can’t decide whether he’s a goat, a bird or a fish, but he’s quite certain he’s not a dog.  Bwah!

My goal is to work up the stamina to jog across the dam before it starts getting too hot in late spring or early summer.  The trouble will be getting back across.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1/23/13 - Looking for Mr. Right

Okay, I’m talking about RVs….. What were you thinking?  ;)

You might recall that I came to realize Dolly was too large for me – primarily due to the places I want to see and the things I want to do.  The small class Cs, and possibly B+ models, are the way for me to go.  You can read my One Year Anniversary post to see examples I previously researched and shared.

Well, this past weekend, and I’m almost too embarrassed to admit this….. I succumbed to temptation and spent WAY, WAAAY too much time on the internet looking and dreaming.  The result?  If I had the money in hand, right this very minute, I would be negotiating the purchase of that beauty in the photo above (all pics in this post are from Craig's List-DFW).  It is perfect!

It is a 24’ Class C, 2008 Winnebago Access, with only 16K miles.  It’s 2’ longer than my preferred max, but I could work around that.  What a dream machine!

In the pics below I have put the features I like best in ALL CAPS.  Each one are on my wish list!  These are aesthetic pictures, but don’t worry – the mechanics (engine, generator, a/c, tires, etc.) are presumably sound.  For me, that has to be a given or I don’t even spend time looking at the interior.


Just look at the LARGE, EXTENDED MIRRORS!  And look at the first photo above again – it comes with an AWNING!

SEPARATE BED, REFRIGERATOR *&* FREEZER, ENCLOSED BATHROOM, MICROWAVE, STOVE TOP, and an OVEN (optional for me, but hard to come by in this size)!!

TWO SINKS, a DINETTE (possibly to be replaced later), and look at all the WINDOWS! Plus NO CARPET!  **WOW, Oh, Wow!**

A RECLINER!! There is plenty of STORAGE for Kitchen Dishes (above dual sink), a Food Pantry (above Dinette), and Reading/Writing Materials and Electronics (above recliner). It has an OPEN floor plan (no wall in the middle of the room).  Woohoo!


KITTY CENTER:  I could store the bedding pads at my nephew’s, and the loft becomes Miss Hope Heaven!  She would even have her very own windows (note 1st and 2nd pictures - over the cab).  We’d all be in heaven!
And don’t worry about Nonni and Bentley.  I’ve given it a lot of thought.  They will most likely be (probably, maybe?) at least 12 and 8 when I get an RV.  Already, for the most part,  the extent of their indoor activity is to lay on their beds between outings, or play with their toys on their beds – when they’re not eating that is.  LOL.  We take 3-4 walks/day, 2 of them are at least 2 miles, and during the week they also go to the off-leash dog park at least once or twice.  Then on weekends we take at least 2 extended hikes, and I spend as much time outdoors as is humanly possible - always.  None of that will change when I get an RV.  They will love it, small space and all.  Trust me.

There is also STORAGE above the bed for personals and clothing, AND there is a hanging CLOSET to the right – just out of this picture (between the private bathroom and dual refrigerator/freezer).  :-)

I have a checklist of all the things I want in an RV.  The score for this RV on layout and interior amenities?  95%!  (My checklist for the mechanics of my future RV includes brands, power usage/requirements, etc. – but of course, I did not consider any of that while browsing and dreaming.)  So, I’ll say it again, WOW!  HEAVEN!

Saddest thing to me is that, once again, purchasing this would end up costing me less than what I’m spending monthly now.  Some day folks….  Some day.

I’m feverishly working on saving my down payment, and as of late, my new target date is June 2014.

Why so long you ask?  Well, wonderful readers, let me tell you (grin).  It may take me that long (or longer) to save up a down payment for something like this, AND I was able to negotiate a rent reduction on my lease renewal.  That means I have to stay in the Hood for now (groan), but every little bit helps, right?  Besides, my lease renewal doesn’t begin until April – maybe a miracle will occur before the lease rolls over.  Hey, stranger things have happened and a girl can hope.  Right?

In the meantime, I’ll have to get my fix by visiting pictures like these, and by taking comfort in the fact that at least on this day; the perfect RV was waiting for me.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1/22/13 - Going to the Movies

1/13/13 – Parental Guidance

My sister and I have gone to the movies a lot lately.  The last movie we saw was “Parental Guidance” with the Divine Bette Midler and the ever hilarious Billy Crystal.  I thought it was great!

We went to the wrong theater so we were almost late.  In our defense, the theaters are right across the street from each other and our coupons merely said UA.  Note to self: UA = Regal Cinema, not Cinemark.

The conversation with the teenage clerk at Cinemark went something like this:
Self – “We need two tickets for the movie with the parents in it (we couldn’t remember the name).
Teen Clerk – silence
Self – “The one where they are watching the kids while the parents are out of town.”
Teen Clerk – “The scary one?”
I’m sure he felt redeemed when he was finally able to determine that we were at the wrong theater.  Score one for the pimpled teen as the blonde-headed sisters who dye their hair dark, headed across the street.

12/22/12 – The Guilt Trip

The picture above is from our trip to see this movie.  We went to the matinee and yep, we were the only ones there – opening weekend.  Sis is waiving her hands so she doesn’t get lost in the vacuum.  Can you see her?

It was a good movie, not great, but one of my co-workers saw it with her daughter and they both disagree with me. They thought it was the best ever.  Seriously?  How on earth do movie critics ever survive the disputes?  Oh, the drama!  :)

And yes, I realize there are many good movies at the theaters right now.  Here’s why we passed on the rest.

  • “Lincoln” – my sister is a teacher.  She wasn’t in the mood for a historical piece.
  • “Les Mis” – I don’t like to pay for someone to make me cry my eyes out.  I had enough of that in 2012.
  • “The Hobbitt” – Nah, no particular reason, just Nah.
  • “Zero Dark Thirty” – too dark..... same thing with “Gangster Squad” and “Last Stand”.  I like such movies, just not these days, apparently.
  • “Broken City” – I wanted to see this, but sister dear had already watched it with her boyfriend.  Traitor.  LOL.

What movies have you seen lately?  Do you have a favorite?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

1/20/13 - Book Giveaway, "Mountains to Climb"


Update:  Beth Moore of Maine is the 5th winner.  Congratulations Beth!  She and her husband recently purchased a RoadTrek and are about to hit the road.  She’ll eventually have a blog about her own adventures so stay tuned!  Hmmmm, I wonder who will be lucky winner #6.  We shall see.


You may recall the post where I won a wonderful book that Kim gave away on her blog.
(click here for my post announcing the win)
(click here for Kim’s contest announcement)

Well, now it’s your turn!  The first one to email me with the following information wins:
  • Why you want the book
  • A promise that you will pass it on
This book is amazing!  The author through-hiked the Appalachian Trail.  She didn't do it as planned, and there were many, many challenges along the way, but she accomplished her goal.  I highly recommend this read - even if you don't win the contest.

If you win, but don’t have a blog to post the next give away on, you can enter to win any way.  Simply let me know when you’ve finished reading it, and I’ll post the giveaway for you.

The book now comes with a booklet that has messages from past winners.  It has been great fun to be a part of passing on this inspiring journey.

Good luck wonderful readers!  Happy Reading!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

1/17/13 - Snow, Again?!?

I couldn’t sleep Tuesday; no particular reason, just couldn’t.  Which in turn also made the furbabies restless.  Which in turn meant that I took them outside for one last potty break around 1:00 a.m.  So, when I put my coat on just a few hours later at 6:00 a.m. to take them for our morning walk, which is our routine prior to me leaving for work, I was shocked to see snow!  Where did that come from?

The picture above is of my neighbor’s, Roberta and Suzy, scraping their windows.  You can see I have Betsy half done, but stopped to take the pic.  Maybe next time I can’t sleep I should check the weather.  Duh, ya think Deb?  LOL.

This next picture is what we saw when we first stepped out of the apartment.  You should have seen Nonni throw on the breaks when she touched that foreign substance!  Bentley wanted to roll in it.  Sorry no pics of all that.  I had to get to work.

We may go several years without seeing snow in this part of Texas, and yet we’ve had snow this season twice in 3 weeks.

It also snowed Christmas Day.  We had a White Christmas!  Here are pictures from that day - very similar to the ones above.

I wonder what the record is for most snow days in one winter season for DFW….. hmmm….. inquiring mind(s) want to know.  Wouldn’t it be something if we set the record this year?

I would share more Christmas pictures with you but I don't have any.  I was home with the flu!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

12/1 & 12/2 - Happy Trails, Old & New

Journal – 12/1/12

In my sole post for December, I shared that during the last week of Thanksgiving we were preparing our booth at Knick Knacks Antique Mall for an Open House.  Sis and I didn’t have a lot of sales, but working the Open House was a LOT of fun.

I have to admit..... it was so hard not to shop as I walked around and helped customers find things.  You'd be proud of me..... I even passed on these bird plates!  Birds are 'kinda' my thing and 3 of these are my favorite!  I rationalized the entire time that they could be my 4 plates in the RV one day, but alas, I prevailed and said goodbye to them at the end of the night.  It was hard to do.  The seller was only asking $4.00 for each, including holders (which I would resell), AND they were Lennox!

I did buy this display hutch though, and while it won't fit in my future RV, there really is a method to my madness.  I have a game plan that fits in the grand scheme of things, but you'll just have to wait and see (tee hee).

I took the dogs with me which meant that I had to get creative about their breaks.  It was fun.  It gave me a chance to pretend we were boondocking (RV Camping for free with no hook-ups) and I had to find places to walk them.

We were in Duncanville, and even though I lived there off and on while growing up, that was 35 +/- years ago!  I’ve slept a few times since then, so… Modern technology to the rescue.  I summonsed Siri on my iPhone.
Siri – “What can I help you with?”
Me – “Nearest Dog Park"
Siri – “There are 5 parks nearby that allow dogs.  Please choose one.”
I love modern technology!  There was a park on the list that I had completely forgotten!   I used to frequent it as a kid.  My favorite thing to do back then was run the creek bed and make a game out of hiding from the other people in the park.  It was a great day if I made it from one end to the other without anyone having seen me.  Forget that I was soaking wet and muddy from head to toe - I was invisible!

Needless to say, probably not a safe thing to do in this modern age, but it was fun seeing the old stomping grounds.  It had changed, but it was a blast from the past for me, and well, just a blast for the furbabies.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, and no, we did not forage the creek bed.  LOL.

Doesn’t this picture remind you of one from a previous post (click here)?

You can see why we enjoyed it so, right?

Journal – 12/2/12

The next morning all 3 of us needed an extended hike so we headed to River Legacy Park.  It was a great start to a great month.

Turtle Soup

In closing, here’s a picture game for you.  How many turtles do you see?  Hint: There are 5 in the pull-out I provided for you, and there are at least 5 more in the big pic.  Have fun!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

1/13/2013 - Happy New Year

We hope you had a Merry KISSmas!

And a Happy Meow Year! 

2013 seems to be about change; not just for me, but for everyone I talk to!

There is definitely a transformation taking place.  The world didn’t end on December 22; the day many predicted annihilation would occur (based on the finite Mayan calendar). Duh!  If there was symbolism or prediction to be found in the termination of the Mayan calendar, perhaps the take on it could be that the Mayans were predicting a New Beginning instead of an end – transformation, changes, rebirth.

Just for fun, on December 22, I chose to attend a drumming session – something I had never done before. In fact, until that day, I had not even touched a drum.  I will share more about my drumming experience in an upcoming post, but I learned that day that there is a movement called Birth 2012.  On their website the founders ask two questions:

What are you giving birth to?
What is your “gift to the Shift”?

I ask you my wonderful readers: Can you feel it?  Do you have changes occurring in your life?

I have spent a lot of time this last month or so preparing for the New Year, not just NYE the holiday, but 2013 in its entirety.  I have made a LOT of changes. I am happy to report that I am elated and feel better than I have in years.

I missed blogland immensely, especially my interaction with my wonderful readers and staying up on the blogs I normally follow, but I had to take some time off to get some things in order.  I missed ALL of you, but I particularly want to thank those of you who stayed in touch, and those of you who are back with me now reading this.  If I could reach through the internet and give each one of you a personal hug, believe me, I would.  HugZ!

In an effort to streamline and to maximize time management, I have decided to make this blog a journal, at least for now – no rhyme or reason, no specific focus, just my random thoughts and events, if and when they occur........ events that is, not thoughts.  Bwah!  :)  This will make it easier on me, free up some time for the things I have going on, AND allow me to stay in touch with blogland – which is a good thing since I've had withdrawals!  LOL.  Since I have some catch-up to do, I will journal retroactively for the time being, until I get to real time.

I hope you're still here with me on my journey.  2013 is going to be freaking awesome!!!