Sunday, January 20, 2013

1/20/13 - Book Giveaway, "Mountains to Climb"


Update:  Beth Moore of Maine is the 5th winner.  Congratulations Beth!  She and her husband recently purchased a RoadTrek and are about to hit the road.  She’ll eventually have a blog about her own adventures so stay tuned!  Hmmmm, I wonder who will be lucky winner #6.  We shall see.


You may recall the post where I won a wonderful book that Kim gave away on her blog.
(click here for my post announcing the win)
(click here for Kim’s contest announcement)

Well, now it’s your turn!  The first one to email me with the following information wins:
  • Why you want the book
  • A promise that you will pass it on
This book is amazing!  The author through-hiked the Appalachian Trail.  She didn't do it as planned, and there were many, many challenges along the way, but she accomplished her goal.  I highly recommend this read - even if you don't win the contest.

If you win, but don’t have a blog to post the next give away on, you can enter to win any way.  Simply let me know when you’ve finished reading it, and I’ll post the giveaway for you.

The book now comes with a booklet that has messages from past winners.  It has been great fun to be a part of passing on this inspiring journey.

Good luck wonderful readers!  Happy Reading!

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