Tuesday, January 15, 2013

12/1 & 12/2 - Happy Trails, Old & New

Journal – 12/1/12

In my sole post for December, I shared that during the last week of Thanksgiving we were preparing our booth at Knick Knacks Antique Mall for an Open House.  Sis and I didn’t have a lot of sales, but working the Open House was a LOT of fun.

I have to admit..... it was so hard not to shop as I walked around and helped customers find things.  You'd be proud of me..... I even passed on these bird plates!  Birds are 'kinda' my thing and 3 of these are my favorite!  I rationalized the entire time that they could be my 4 plates in the RV one day, but alas, I prevailed and said goodbye to them at the end of the night.  It was hard to do.  The seller was only asking $4.00 for each, including holders (which I would resell), AND they were Lennox!

I did buy this display hutch though, and while it won't fit in my future RV, there really is a method to my madness.  I have a game plan that fits in the grand scheme of things, but you'll just have to wait and see (tee hee).

I took the dogs with me which meant that I had to get creative about their breaks.  It was fun.  It gave me a chance to pretend we were boondocking (RV Camping for free with no hook-ups) and I had to find places to walk them.

We were in Duncanville, and even though I lived there off and on while growing up, that was 35 +/- years ago!  I’ve slept a few times since then, so… Modern technology to the rescue.  I summonsed Siri on my iPhone.
Siri – “What can I help you with?”
Me – “Nearest Dog Park"
Siri – “There are 5 parks nearby that allow dogs.  Please choose one.”
I love modern technology!  There was a park on the list that I had completely forgotten!   I used to frequent it as a kid.  My favorite thing to do back then was run the creek bed and make a game out of hiding from the other people in the park.  It was a great day if I made it from one end to the other without anyone having seen me.  Forget that I was soaking wet and muddy from head to toe - I was invisible!

Needless to say, probably not a safe thing to do in this modern age, but it was fun seeing the old stomping grounds.  It had changed, but it was a blast from the past for me, and well, just a blast for the furbabies.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, and no, we did not forage the creek bed.  LOL.

Doesn’t this picture remind you of one from a previous post (click here)?

You can see why we enjoyed it so, right?

Journal – 12/2/12

The next morning all 3 of us needed an extended hike so we headed to River Legacy Park.  It was a great start to a great month.

Turtle Soup

In closing, here’s a picture game for you.  How many turtles do you see?  Hint: There are 5 in the pull-out I provided for you, and there are at least 5 more in the big pic.  Have fun!


  1. i love love love both of the pics with the dogs posing so prettily... just like models they are... not sure what siri is but assume it is something on your phone or gps... glad you had it to find the parks.

  2. forgot to say think how much money will be saved when you have your RV because there will be no room to buy 4 plates or anything else... good girl passing up the plates and you saved 16.00 towards the RV

  3. Those plates would have been hard to pass up, they are really nice. Love the shots of the parks and the dogs. Looks like great places to go exploring

  4. @ Sandra and Ann - you gals are always SO supportive... thank you very, very much! HugZ!

  5. Hello Debra,
    I just jumped over from an old post on "To Simplify"
    Now I'm looking at your posts.....the turles here remind me of a similar log I found one evening near my lake cabin at Deer Lake Washington.........it was long about twice as long as this one.......the whole thing was occupied by frogs lined up head to toe.
    Sorry to hear of your health issues, I have some of my own to deal with......a auto accident resulted in traumatic brain injury.
    I was having micro sesures(did I spell that wright, no spell check onthst one)...I'm doing better now with life changes........I'm in Quartzsite Arizona living in my 5th wheel.
    Please check out my blog


    God Bless